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Chicago Bears Had "Brief" Conversation with Jim Harbaugh

Per reports from Hub Arkush, the Bears spoke to Michigan HC Jim Harbaugh on the phone. The substance of the call is uncertain.
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Jim Harbaugh Bears

Photo: Jacob Hamilton/The Ann Arbor News

The Chicago Bears coaching and GM search are currently the talk of the town in the Windy City. After reports surfaced indicating the Bears will interview Byron Leftwich and Todd Bowles this week, another name has entered the Chicago news cycle. Per reports, the Bears had a brief conversation with Michigan head coach and former Chicago quarterback Jim Harbaugh.

As reported by Hub Arkush, the Bears spoke to the Wolverines' head coach on the phone. Now, whether or not the conversation was fruitful remains to be seen. However, given the fact the conversation was "brief" makes one believe there was little interest on Harbaugh's side to interview with the Bears.

On the flip side, the Bears may have asked if he'll interview for the job. He may have quickly said yes and they might have scheduled a further interview. However, if we don't hear any reports linking the Bears and Harbaugh, then assumptions can likely point to the fact he's not interested.

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Would Harbaugh Leave Michigan?

Many Bears fans want Harbaugh to come home and take over in Chicago. The former Bears' first-round pick said to a potential recruit that he would listen to offers from the NFL, but he didn't guarantee he is leaving Michigan. After all, Michigan made the College Football Playoff this season despite losing to No. 3 ranked Georgia.

For Harbaugh, Michigan is home. In fact, Michigan is more likely "home" than Chicago would be. Harbaugh played in Chicago for seven years during mostly forgettable seasons for Bears football. Maybe bringing a championship to the team that drafted him is the dream, but he is certainly not desperate given his position at Michigan.

It will be interesting to see if anything more comes from this phone call, but based on the context clues, it doesn't appear that will be the case.