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Bears' Head Coaching Interview List is... Rather Lovely

The Bears are compiling a long list of names for their head coaching interviews. That list is rather strong and maybe brings hope for the future.
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Brian Flores Bears Dolphins

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Less than a day after George's McCaskey's deflating press conference, the Chicago Bears are building quite the list of head coaching interviews. In fact, the Bears have nearly every notable head coaching candidate lined up for an interview. Names include Brian Flores, Bryon Leftwich, Todd Bowles, Dan Quinn, and others.

In addition to the above names, the Bears are reportedly set to interview Doug Pederson, as well as Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. The list is growing by the hour as Tuesday progresses.

If one thing is certain, this list elevates the level of hope for Bears fans just a bit. Yes, McCaskey, Bill Polian, and company are still going to make the decision, but the list of candidates is an impressive one. While the list is long, it is also full of names that at minimum deserve an interview.

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It's early in the process, but the Bears will have the chance to interview some of the biggest candidates out there. Names such as Brian Flores, Todd Bowles, Bryon Leftwich, and Dan Quinn all have impressive backgrounds and deserve the opportunity to be head coaches. Now, the Bears have their work cut out for them. However, the list is full of quality which is an encouraging sign moving forward.