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Bears: Jaylon Johnson Believes Some Players are Quitting on Season

Per Bears CB Jaylon Johnson, there are some players on the team that feel like they're beginning to quit on the 2021 season.
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The NFL season is a grind, especially when your team isn't very good. For the Chicago Bears, the grind has perhaps pulled a lot of players down in the locker room. According to cornerback Jaylon Johnson, some players appear to be quitting on the season.

The Bears are 4-9 with four games remaining on the schedule. Two dates with the Minnesota Vikings sandwich a pair of games against the Seattle Seahawks and New York Giants, respectively. However, with playoffs as likely as snow on Christmas this year (check the forecast in Chicago), it's easy to see why players are throwing in the proverbial towel.

On an episode of Red Line Radio, Johnson said, "You have the side of the locker room that is starting to go into the tank...then you have the guys that are still trying to fight, and figure out how we can get better. At the end of the day, that’s the name of the game: trying to get better each and every week."

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There are a number of quotes from other players and coaches indicating the team isn't quitting. However, public perception isn't always the truth. After the Bears' struggles on the field, as well as all of the off-field noise surrounding head coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace, it makes sense that some players are drained. Any sports season is a grind, and the NFL is certainly one of the toughest. However, if players begin to quit, then they put their own future, as well as their health on the line. Any player that isn't ready to play is always more susceptible to injury.

Time will tell, but there is no doubt the 2021 season has worn on everyone in the Bears organization. Depending on what moves are made after the season, the team will have a very different vibe entering 2022.