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The Bears Knew About Teven Jenkins' Back Injury Before Draft

Matt Nagy revealed the Bears knew about Teven Jenkins' back injury before the draft. Lingering issues are now affecting the depth chart.
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Chicago Bears' head coach Matt Nagy joined the Mully and Haugh show on 670 The Score this morning to discuss various matters surrounding the team. The show's hosts asked Nagy about offensive lineman Teven Jenkins and his lingering back injury. Nagy stated that the Bears knew about Teven Jenkins' back injury before drafting him.

Unacceptable Ineptitude

When the Bears traded up in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft to select the stud offensive lineman, everyone in Chicago cheered. How did they manage to steal this first-round talent in the second round? They selected Justin Fields in the first round and presumably found the perfect next pick to protect their quarterback. Why did Jenkins fall so far in the draft when he was initially projected so high? What did the other teams know?

Teven Jenkins Bears

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Now we know why.

There is still plenty of time for the young lineman to get back on track and have a terrifyingly great NFL career. But until we see him on the field throwing professional NFL defenders around like he's expected to, this pick could be a bust.

There were other offensive linemen available in the draft that may not have had the skill level of Jenkins but had the health to at least be available. Now the Bears are down multiple offensive tackles and the 2021 season could be off to an extremely sour start because of it. If Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy knew about Jenkins' injury before drafting him, then you have to ask why they took him at all. Yes, his high skill level was certainly a draw, but Jenkins missed his final three collegiate games due to a reported lumbar strain. How can Jenkins fully realize his potential if such ailments prevent him from getting on the field?

There are simply too many obstacles for this Bears team to hurdle and injuries have dominated the storylines early on in training camp. That is not an ideal way to start a season. The Bears need bodies on the field regardless of talent level. They cannot afford a plethora of injuries and hope that a free-agent offensive lineman comes to town.

The Bears knew about Teven Jenkins' injury before drafting him and that is another reason why the people in charge need a rude awakening. Their jobs should be on the line, regardless of how this season ends.