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Chicago Bears Madden 23 RB Ratings: David Montgomery Got What?

Montgomery is further down the list of top running backs in Madden than some might like.
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David Montgomery Chicago Bears

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The Chicago Bears have a solid running back in David Montgomery. Many fans think he's been underappreciated in his short career. He isn't making Pro Bowls or posting consecutive 1,000-yard+ seasons yet, but the Iowa State product is extremely versatile and was arguably misused by former head coach Matt Nagy.

The newly released Madden 23 ratings are sending football fans everywhere into a frenzy. Each year prior to the game being released, individual player ratings are made public. And each and every year, players and fans alike will dissect these ratings and where they stack up against the competition.

David Montgomery Madden Rating

Montgomery is the 17th-ranked running back in Madden 23. They gave him an overall score of 84. He has a speed rating of 88, a strength rating of 74, and a catching rating of 75, among other characteristics.

Strictly Rushing Ability

With a speed rating of 88 and a break-tackle rating of 86 in this year’s installment, Montgomery is right amongst players like Najee Harris and Kareem Hunt. These are fair comparisons. Montgomery isn't exactly the fastest running back in the NFL, but he's been pretty quick in comparison to some others.

Chicago Bears running back David Montgomery Madden 23 Ratings

Photo: EA Sports

Montgomery's strength rating is likely his biggest downfall. He's a smaller running back at 5-foot-11 and he doesn't force himself through defenders as more hard-nosed running backs have done in the past. Montgomery sports a carrying rating of 97, which likely has to do with his four fumbles in three years. He's been great at protecting the football, and that is a highly valued asset.

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David Montgomery Catching Rating

Montgomery's catching rating of 75 is really peculiar here. Over the last three seasons with the Chicago Bears, Montgomery has gotten progressively better at catching footballs out of the backfield. He has a career average 78.6% catch rate.

His best receiving year came in 2021 when he caught 42 of 51 targets for an 82.4% catch rate. That isn't a terrible number.

Consider the second-ranked running back in Madden 23: Christian McCaffrey. He has a career catch rate of 81.3%. The Panthers' back has many more targets and has been in the NFL longer than Montgomery, but his usage is different. Still, he only sports a catching rating of 83.

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McCaffrey has 781 rushes with 439 targets. Montgomery has 714 rushes with 154 targets. The lopsided numbers here hint at something specific: they're guessing when it comes to some of these ratings.

How Does Madden Determine These Ratings?

Take Alvin Kamara as another example. He has an overall rating of 90 but sports a catching rating of just 76! What? Kamara has a worse career catch rate than David Montgomery at 78.4% but has a ton more targets and a lot of receiving yards. Yet, Madden gave them both similar ratings.

Alvin Kamara is heavily used in the short passing game in New Orleans, so a 76 rating in catching isn't exactly appropriate, all things considered. It's also very odd that he's only rated one unit higher than Montgomery, whose numbers do not rival those of Kamara's and should warrant a larger dropoff in that category. It begs one to question exactly how these ratings are determined.

Madden 23 and EA Sports are toying with our love for certain players all while likely having a blast watching the controversy cause conversations throughout the world of football. Did they get David Montgomery right? Let us know in the comments!