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Matt Nagy Blew Off Mitch Trubisky: Apparently the Guru Doesn't Do Meetings

It's not always touchdown, touchdown, touchdown in Matt Nagy's system and apparently he wasn't interested in grooming a QB.
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Mitch Trubisky Matt Nagy Chicago Bears

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According to a recent report from The Athletic, Matt Nagy blew off a meeting with then quarterback Mitch Trubisky. The Chicago Bears were two games into the 2020 season and they were undefeated. But things weren't going well in the locker room. Nagy was frustrated with Trubisky and rightfully so. Trubisky was a bad quarterback, but to be fair, he didn't have the guru coach that many thought he had.

Nagy's offense was arguably the worst the Bears have ever had. At one point in 2021, the Bears averaged fewer points per game than the Sid Luckman-led Bears of the 1940s. That is unacceptable in today's NFL that features high-powered offenses and dynamic passing attacks.

Mitchell Trubisky Was a Problem But Not the Problem

It's no secret that Trubisky was a bad quarterback. But he didn't exactly have the right help leading the way in his head coach. Matt Nagy has repeatedly shown that he can't adjust his offense. He repeatedly demonstrated closed-minded tendencies and the rest of the NFL figured him out after one good season.

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Chicago Bears Matt Nagy Mitchell Trubisky

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The majority of the time, we saw mostly smiles and love between Nagy and Trubisky. Both individuals always seemed to have each other's back regardless of what happened on the field. Apparently, that front was nothing more than a facade and an image on display.

Nagy Ripped Into Trubisky in Front of the Whole Team

According to The Athletic's report, Matt Nagy bashed Mitch Trubisky in front of the whole team. Sometimes, tough love is the way to reach someone and elevate them to the next level. But with Trubisky, it likely demeaned him to a new low.

The North Carolina product was still only in his third season in the NFL and he hadn't had much college experience. That type of player needs guidance, not embarrassment. Trubisky was already on his second head coach in the NFL. John Fox didn't give him the elevation he needed to succeed at the highest level so he needed Nagy to really groom him.

Maybe Trubisky could have been something great at the quarterback position with the right coach in place. Or maybe he was always destined for failure. Whatever the case may be, he didn't get the proper help he deserved from his coach. This only further proves Matt Nagy's incompetence and the Bears made the right decision by moving on from him.