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The Conundrum That is the Bears' Plan for Justin Fields

The Bears instantly get better when Justin Fields enters the fold. But if he starts too fast, it could keep Matt Nagy around longer.
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If you've found your way to this article, then you've likely seen some form of the tweet below:

It's a strange statement to see, and it left me with more questions than answers. Why do the Bears' wishes include not starting Justin Fields before Week 4? The Bears have consistently said they are happy with Andy Dalton at quarterback and want Justin Fields to keep developing. Is it a coincidence that it lines up with what seems to be the least daunting stretch of defenses the Bears will face all year? Would that mean Justin Fields is ready but the Bears want to ease him into things?

After doing a little digging, it looks as though Jay Glazer was answering a question asked of him by a fan on his #AskGlazer segment on FOX. Glazer said he was 100% positive the 'plan' was for Justin Fields to sit well past Week 4. The Bears planned on playing ball control and defense until Fields was ready. The only issue with that is, it doesn't look like that'll be an option for Matt Nagy for much longer. Chicago media is already starting to turn up the heat.

Photo: Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Photo: Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Following his team's Week 1 loss, Matt Nagy was asked, "What does Andy Dalton give you at this point Justin Fields does not?" Here's how he responded:

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"Well, that's a good question. I understand it, but when you look back and you say, and after you're able to watch the tape and see where you're at. You, you know, that um you know we talked about and I I brought it up in regards to producing and scoring touchdowns and and winning and so we're always evaluating that but I thought that Andy did a pretty good job yesterday of being able to um you know get the ball out to guys where he needed to in certain situations. You look back and the biggest, the biggest error that he had was that interception to start the game and sometimes those can be big ones because thats a momentum deal, right, on third down so um you know without getting into the comparisons too much I just think that right now when were evaluating Andy that I thought he did a good job of being able to put us in good situations and then using Justin when we did Justin did well too."

- Matt Nagy

What kind of dressing would you like with your word salad?

At points, the Bears' offense did have a rhythm and moved the ball well. David Montgomery looked explosive and the Bears didn't stray away from the run for long periods of time.

There was just something about it though. When the wind blew a certain direction, you'd get a whiff of Matt Nagy wrapped in a wet blanket. There's nothing like an RPO Bubble getting blown up behind the line of scrimmage that brings you back to reality. When taking a look at the passing charts, it's also clear the offense still lacks that explosive element.

When asked about the Bears' lack of downfield attack, Nagy said it had to do with the Rams scheme and not Andy Dalton. I have to agree. It's not an Andy Dalton issue. It is a schematic issue. Nagy just identified the wrong scheme.

The Bears' offense is and has been lacking an explosive element for the last few years. That element is Justin Fields. The most frustrating part about it? Bears fans can't truly be happy about the situation. Matt Nagy fans are few and far between in recent times. Half of you know the Bears instantly get better when Fields enters the fold and the other half of you know that if he starts too fast it could keep Nagy around longer. We just can't have nice things.