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Forbes: Bears Valued at $4.075 Billion

The McCaskeys should be very happy this year as the Bears clock in at a value of $4.075 billion, the seventh-highest figure in the NFL.
Chicago Bears Valuation Worth McCaskeys

Photo: Kyle Terada/USA TODAY Sports

Each year, Forbes publishes a list of every NFL team ranked by value. The McCaskeys should be very happy this year as the Bears are valued at $4.075 billion, the seventh-highest valuation in the NFL. Over the past year, the value of the team increased whopping 16%. To put that into perspective, the league average was $3.5 billion with an increase of 14% overall.

Increases around the league can be credited to new media deals. While the mainstream networks comprised the majority of revenue contributions, new avenues via streaming services shouldn't be overlooked. With Amazon now in the mix, the NFL could have certain game viewership solely via streaming in the near future.

Peacock recently announced out that Notre Dame football's 2021 home opener will air exclusively on its streaming platform. All remaining games will be on NBC and streamed on Peacock. Other conferences and leagues have already started to take this route. Fans can only expect one of the most lucrative sports associates is already looking into this area more. Gambling is another area in which the NFL could see revenue growth. The Chicago Bears have already partnered with BetRivers Sportsbook.

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These developments should bode well for the McCaskeys considering the rumors swirling about them potentially selling the team in the future. George Halas initially bought the team from the Staley Starch Company for $100 dollars. Accounting for a century of inflation, Halas bought the team for essentially $1,504 in 2021 value.

Chicago is one of three teams in the top seven that do not own the stadium that they play in. Dallas (City of Arlington) and San Francisco (City of Santa Clara) are the others, so getting a new stadium and ownership of the surrounding amenities in Arlington could drastically increase the value of the team over the next few years if the Bears elect to go that route.