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Chicago Bears Week 17 Takeaways: Home Finale

Here are the main takeaways from the Bears' home finale as they throttled the New York Giants.

The Chicago Bears are in the midst of a winning streak. On Sunday, their 29-3 triumph over the New York Giants marks their second win in a row. Now, the Bears see their record improve to 6-10, while the Giants record drops to 4-12. As of now, all that matters in this lost season is the NFL Draft position, which does not provide much clarity. Since the Giants own the Bears' 2022 first round pick, these late season wins actually benefit Chicago.

Here is what the the current draft order looks like:

  1. Jaguars (2-14)
  2. Lions (2-13-1)
  3. Texans (4-12)
  4. Jets (4-12)
  5. Giants (4-12)
  6. Panthers (5-11)
  7. Seahawks (6-10) --- Pick belongs to Jets
  8. Bears (6-10) --- Pick belongs to Giants
  9. Washington (6-10)
  10. Falcons (7-9)
  11. Broncos (7-9)
  12. Vikings (7-9)
  13. Browns (7-8)

The 2021 season has only one game remaining and the Bears could end up 6-11 or 7-10. This means their pick has a possible range from 6th to 13th, depending on other results. But, the odds are it will realistically end up anywhere from 7th to 10th. As for the Giants, their own pick can be no better than 3rd and no worse than 6th.

Nevertheless, the Bears thoroughly dominated their opponent on Sunday in their final home game of the season. So, without further ado, here are the main takeaways from a convincing win over the Giants.


This week the defense get the honors first. Yes, they played the Giants and Mike Glennon, so take it with a grain of salt. However, against a bad Giants offense, they did their job. The Bears defense limited the Giants to only 151 yards on 55 plays, good for 2.7 yards per play. However, it's hilarious how they got their yards. New York had 161 yards rushing on 40 rushes, an average of 4.0 yards per rush.

  • Saquon Barkley: 21 carries, 102 yards (4.9 avg)
  • Devontae Booker: 18 carries, 46 yards (2.6 avg)
  • Mike Glennon: 1 rush, 13 yards (13.0 avg)

On top of their 161 rushing yards, add the -10 net passing yards they accumulated. If anyone thought the -1 net passing yard the Bears had in Week 3 was bad, this is mathematically 10 times worse.

This was Mike Glennon's stat line for the game:

  • Completions/Attempts: 4/11 (36.4%)
  • Yards: 24 yards
  • Yards/Attempt: 2.2
  • Touchdowns: 0
  • Interceptions: 2
  • Sacks-Yards Lost: 4-34
  • Passer Rating: 5.3
  • QBR: 0.0

Thus, including the sacks and yards lost, the Giants totaled -10 yards and averaged -0.7 yards per attempt. Also, the Bears kept the Giants out of the red zone all together. In addition, the defense limited them to 1-for-11 on third downs and 0-for-1 on fourth down.


While those aforementioned defensive numbers are nice, the key stat was the four takeaways. The defense forced two Glennon fumbles on top of the two interceptions.

Of course, the Bears having multiple takeaways is a rare occurrence nowadays. That said, this was the first time that happened in three months.

Oh, and they recorded two points on a safety.

The defense truly did it all. This is a case of glass half empty or the glass half full. Whether one wants to say the Giants offense is awful or the Bears defense is awesome, let's just meet in the middle say it was a combination of both.

Sean Desai

It's a running joke that I'm related to Sean Desai (I could be?) and that I call him "Uncle Sean". Over the past few weeks, I've been "uninviting" him to family gatherings such as Thanksgivings, Christmas, and New Years, all because of how the defense has played recently. But, it's time to give credit where credit is due. Coach Desai has been adjusting on the fly and making chicken salad of out of chicken shit. Pardon my language.

Trevis Gipson

The emergence of Trevis Gipson this year is a pleasant and much welcomed surprised. In this game, he only logged three tackles, two solo, but he also had two sacks and one QB hit. In addition, the two sacks resulted in fumbles. In fact, he had one on the very first play of the game.

Then, in the third quarter, he did it again.

Likewise, Gipson logged his first career multi-sack game.

Robert Quinn

Well, he did it. Robert Quinn now holds the Bears single-season sack record when he surpassed Richard Dent's 17.5 sacks. It only took him 16 games to do so and he didn't need the 17th game. In the fourth quarter, Quinn looked like he had tied the record with a combined sack. But, the officials called a penalty on the Bears. On the very next play, he logged his lone sack of the game, which was the record breaking sack.

Then, Matt Nagy followed up the sack by calling a timeout. So Quinn and the home crowd could soak it in for a moment.

Not only was the sack a record breaking one, but it also put Quinn over 100 sacks for his career. With that accomplishment, Quinn joins elite company.

Actually, Quinn's former teammate, Chris Long pointed out an interesting fact.

Two Bears Legends Congratulate Robert Quinn

After the Quinn broke Dent's record, Dent and Jimbo Covert took the time to congratulate him. Apparently, they were doing it as they hit the links.

Roquan Smith

During this Week's episode of #AllPRoquan, he once again led the team in tackles. The fourth-year linebacker had nine tackles, six solo, and two tackles for a loss. Aside from his performance in this game, his overall body of work has been very impressive.

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He's been so good to the point where he surpassed a Bears legend and is close to taking over a franchise record. This all in just four years.

It's very unlikely he accomplishes this feat in the final game of the season. However, Smith has had an impressive season on what has been an overall underwhelming Bears team.


Now, the Bears offense put up 27 points, which is great because it's been rare under Matt Nagy. Although, right from the start they had short field due to the takeaways from the defense. Thus, resulting in two quick touchdowns. For the rest of the game, the offense was mediocre at best. As a result, they only scored seven points in the second half. Their lone scoring possession came right out of halftime. It was a 75-yard, 11-play drive.

As a whole, the offense was ok. They totaled 249 yards on 65 plays, good for an average of 3.8 yards per play. Of course, the passing offense out-gained the rushing offense 2-to-1. The Bears logged 162 yards through the air while adding only 87 on the ground.

In addition, the Bears were 6-for-16 (37.5%) on third downs and 2-for-3 on fourth down. In addition, they were successful on three of five trips into the red zone. The two unsuccessful trips were a field goal and David Montgomery throwing an INT. That said, it was a play that came out of the wild cat formation with the game in hand.

David Montgomery

The veteran running back accounted for majority of the yards in the rushing game as well as the scoring. He logged 64 yards on 22 carries (2.9 avg.) and added two TDs. In addition, Montgomery had two catches for 17 yards.

In fact, his first TD came within seconds of the opening kick-off. Also to note, the Bears used Khyiris Tonga at fullback.

Then, to open up the second half, Montgomery struck again for his second TD.

Andy Dalton

Well, the $10 million man was back under center and he was meh. He posted a pedestrian stat line:

  • Completions/Attempts: 18/35 (51.4%)
  • Yards: 173
  • Yards/Attempt: 4.9
  • Touchdowns: 1
  • Interceptions: 1
  • Sacks-Yards Lost: 2-11
  • Passer Rating: 63.1
  • QBR: 31.1

After what Nick Foles did last week, it was shocking that the Bears went back to Dalton. Speaking of which, look at the those two on the sideline looking fed up.

Now, with the news that Justin Fields may play in Week 18; this might have been the last time Dalton takes a snap for the Bears.

Darnell Mooney

Despite being in just his second year, Darnell Mooney has the most catches by any Bear at any position. Before that, it was Tarik Cohen.

The catch that put him in the lead? Well, take a look for yourself.

A nifty catch for a TD with style points. As for the game, Mooney finished with seven receptions, 69 yards (9.9 avg.), and a TD on 13 targets.

As mentioned earlier, this game got off to a super fast start. If you blinked, you missed it.

It was the Bears kicking off and then forcing a turnover on the first play of the game. On the very next play, they scored a TD. All it took was 18 seconds. The last time the Bears scored a TD this fast was in 2008, which also was at Soldier Field.

It's not like the Bears to score often in the first quarter. Yet, they did it against the Giants.


The Bears had five penalties for 35 yards. In fact, none of them were of the bone-headed variety. Even though they lead the league in that department.

Personnel Choices

Another week, another slew of bizarre decisions. The Chicago Bears continue to leave you scratching your head. This time they opted to start Jason Peters over Teven Jenkins, which is something that makes some sense. However, starting Artie Burns over Thomas Graham Jr. was absolutely asinine.

But, for what it's worth, they did play Jenkins in the fourth quarter. Any snaps are better than no snaps, I suppose.

Matt Nagy

Not this week. We've dumped on him too much as it is. This was his last game at Soldier Field as a Bears head coach, probably. Let him have this one. It was a good win over a dreadful team.

Milestone Win

It was win #800 all-time. Congrats to the Chicago Bears!


All in all, the Bears played a complete game from start to finish. That said, it's something to be proud of because of the hard, physical nature of the game. It's also important to realize who you're playing. The defense deserves the praise for this game. They dominated from the get-go and set the offense up to capitalize. Once they had the lead, it was over. The Giants didn't have the fire power to keep up. Now, the home portion of the schedule has concluded and the Bears finished 3-5 at Soldier Field. There's just one game left on the docket. After that, sweeping changes are likely coming.

What's On Tap Next?

The 6-10 Chicago Bears will head north to Minneapolis to take on the 7-9 Minnesota Vikings. Both teams will wrap up their season on Sunday, January 9 at 12:00 p.m. CST. The game will air on FOX. There is nothing left on the line for either team. They will just look to just finish off the first ever 17-game schedule in NFL history in Week 18. Then, both will head into the off-season to begin their preparations for next season. As it stands, both head coaches are on the hot seat. Come next Monday, it's very likely, Matt Nagy and Mike Zimmer will be looking for new jobs.

As for the game, hopefully both starting QBs are back. Currently, Kirk Cousins is out with COVID-19 and Justin Fields is recovering from his ailments. Both teams have depleted rosters for various reasons. Nevertheless, it will make for a lackluster regular season finale with not much to get excited for. However, it'll be the last time for at least eight months that either fanbase will see their favorite team. So get it in before it's over. It's going to be a long, cold, and dark winter. However, changes can potentially rejuvenate Bears and Vikings fans alike.

Be sure to tune into the Bears On Tap podcast for further postgame reaction plus updates and analysis throughout the week.