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Deshaun Watson Trade Rumblings Have Deep Roots for the Bears

The thought of acquiring a QB like Deshaun Watson is enticing, but it would exasperate other areas of need for the Bears.
Deshaun Watson Trade

Photo: Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports

After a tweet from Pro Football Talk sparked a discussion regarding the future of Houston Texans' quarterback Deshaun Watson, Chicago Bears' fans had plenty to say about the possibilities.

A report later surfaced stating the Texans would not be willing to trade Watson even if he asked for one, despite all the rumors. This came before the organization hired Nick Caserio as their new General Manager, another aspect of the team that Watson disagreed with, according to ESPN.

This entire discussion of a potential trade to Chicago runs deeper than the 2017 NFL Draft ties. We've all seen enough of the graphics that include Mitchell Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes, and the aforementioned Watson. While that alone is frustrating, fans have been screaming for years about the overall state of Bears' quarterback play and they just want someone under center that they can be proud of.

I think we can all agree that an acquisition of the former Clemson Tiger would cost a pretty penny and leave other sections of the team with voids to fill. The 25-year-old quarterback obviously possesses tremendous talent and is considered one of the better options in the league. But realistically, this type of addition would only shift that frustration to other personnel areas that would consequently suffer.

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Think about the other pieces the Bears currently have. The contract scenario with Allen Robinson is, in my opinion, not in a good place. David Montgomery and Darnell Mooney have been bright spots for the offense lately, but the offensive line still needs vast improvement even with Watson's ability to scramble.

We've also seen what bad play-calling can do to an offensive unit, so feeling confident in the shot-caller should be more important. More draft stock and defensive pieces would likely head to Houston in any deal, which gives me flashbacks to the trade that brought Khalil Mack to Chicago and depleted the Bears' draft options.

As frustrating as the quarterback play has been in Chicago, trying to acquire a fix is so much easier said than done. Just think back to last offseason when Nick Foles was brought in as a potential fix. See how that turned out? Regardless of what you think about his talent level or if you think Teddy Bridgewater or Cam Newton would have been better options (neither worked out for Carolina nor New England for the record), you have to admit that it's risky.

Believe me, I would love to have a great quarterback at Soldier Field leading the Bears to numerous victories and playoff pushes. I would also like to stop daydreaming about what could have been with Jay Cutler. The fact of the matter is, this franchise has to turn their focus toward the next few drafts and get their guy that way. I can't sit here and tell you what their options are, but I can say that selecting and developing someone with experience under their belt who fits the system of the coaching staff is never a bad idea. Sure, maybe the Bears need to figure out their staff first, but after that, go scout well and draft with proof, not hope.

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