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Devin Hester Says He's the GOAT Returner and It's Insulting to Compare Others to Him

Devin Hester wasn't modest about where he ranks among NFL returners in a recent interview.
Devin Hester Bears

Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The NFL's all-time kick and punt return touchdown leader believes he is the greatest return man of all time, hands down. Of course we're talking about the Chicago Bears' very own Devin Hester, who recently stated in a Bleacher Report Gridiron Untold Stories segment that he thinks it is insulting to compare him to anyone else at the position.

Hester is arguably one of the most electric players to step on a football field. He is known for a rather famous kickoff return that went for a touchdown. Oh, that's right, it came in the Super Bowl. Hester is the only player to ever accomplish that feat on the NFL's biggest stage.

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Hester is Bears royalty forever and arguably a Hall of Fame player. While he was one of the best to ever do it, the only thing holding him back from achieving HOF honors is the fact he was a career special teams player.

In the Untold Stories video, the retired return man also shared his thoughts on former teammate, Jay Cutler. He thinks Cutler is one of the greatest players from a pure talent standpoint but added that he is one of the worst leaders. This comes as no shock, as others before Hester have stated that Cutler is a great talent but lacked the "it" factor.

One of the more well-known comments came from current 49ers GM, John Lynch, who said, "That’s a once-in-every-15-year-type talent."

Hester also had a great story to share regarding how exclusive Cutler was to the majority of receivers outside of his circle. In the interview, it was noted that Hester almost made a rack off of former teammate, Julius Peppers, in practice. Cutler managed to throw the ball to Brandon Marshall 21 times out of 21 throws in practice.

This was after Cutler and Marshall had a huge argument, but once the pads were on, he only wanted to throw to the favorites inside his circle. Hester was not one of them. He believes that's what held him back from becoming a focal point on the offense.