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Does Matt Nagy's Bears Experience Bring Him Back To Reality?

Matt Nagy plans to use his experience in Chicago to help him in Kansas City.
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Matt Nagy Chicago Bears

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After the Chicago Bears fired Matt Nagy in January, he rejoined the Kansas City Chiefs. Nagy earns the Chiefs' position of quarterbacks coach for the second time in his career but it comes with a price.

For four years in Chicago, Matt Nagy tried. He spent his time forcing his offense onto personnel that couldn't run it only to be shunned out the door. If there is anything that Nagy "learned" from his time as the head coach of the Chicago Bears it's that he's a stubborn fool.

Matt Nagy's Experience With The Chicago Bears

Regaining the Chiefs' trust means Nagy has talented people to fall back on when he inevitably fails. Chiefs' quarterback Patrick Mahomes doesn't exactly need any more coaching at this point in his career. He's an outlier among freak athletes and Nagy's failures don't inspire confidence when Andy Reid is driving the ship.

"You want to use those experiences to make you better in the long run. I want to use my experiences in Chicago to help me be better for our team here in Kansas City."

Matt Nagy on rejoining the Chiefs' staff

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What experience is Matt Nagy referring to? Winning one out of eight games against the Packers? That isn't exactly going to transfer over to the Chiefs' proven formula for being competitive. Patrick Mahomes will learn from Andy Reid and should take everything Nagy says with a grain of salt.

Come Back To Reality

Not everything is bad when you fail. Putting a positive spin on it is the best-case scenario and it appears that's what Matt Nagy will do. But if the Chiefs can gain anything from the Chicago Bears' last four seasons, it's what not to do.

One of the biggest differences between Chicago and Kansas City is personnel. Having players capable of producing goes a long way to succeeding.

Furthermore, having a head coach like Andy Reid, who can adapt when he needs to, is a crucial characteristic that Nagy simply doesn't have.

Matt Nagy can think positively about all he wants to and he should be grateful. But his time with the Chicago Bears is nothing to be proud of and his actual workload in Kansas City is nothing more than fetching the playbook from the locker room when Andy Reid has too many items to carry onto the gridiron.