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Done Wrong: Bears Make Major Mistake in Firing Matt Nagy

SATIRE: The Bears' decision to relieve head coach Matt Nagy of his duties is one that shows the organization lacks integrity and a conscience.
Matt Nagy Bears

Photo: Chicago Bears/YouTube

Since the beginning of the Super Bowl era, three coaches have taken the Chicago Bears to the playoffs multiple times. Mike Ditka, who is propped up as a deity by the fan base despite grossly underachieving, Lovie Smith, and Matt Nagy. That's it, that's the list!

Yet for some reason, Matt Nagy is now unemployed in a cold, callous decision by the organization that simply leaves most observers scratching their heads. How could the organization decide to move on from one of the most successful coaches in the history of the franchise? The search for answers begins today and will assuredly continue for several weeks to come.

Unjustly Blamed

MY head coach has been a lightning rod in recent weeks with reports of his departure being imminent since Thanksgiving. Since these reports began to surface, all the former Coach of the Year did on a day-in and day-out basis was continue to be a leader and fall on the sword for his players. Until the very end, Nagy showed that he was truly a leader of men and someone that doesn't deserve his fate.

The Bears won two of their final three games to close the year at 6-11, but if we dig deeper it is clear that Nagy is the sacrificial lamb in a situation where there is clearly another individual escaping blame for reasons I simply don't understand. For his career, Nagy has a 34-31 record, putting him on the Mount Rushmore of Bears coaching legends in terms of winning percentage. For some reason, this simply wasn't good enough for George and Virginia McCaskey.

Keep in mind, this organization isn't the perennial superpower that the fan base and ownership believe it to be. They are stuck in their glory days from before the United States' involvement in World War II, and decisions like this show us why. They had a qualified leader of men who demonstrated he was a successful strategist and they have unjustly shown him the door.

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Let's be real about this folks, these aren't your grandparents or great grandparents' Chicago Bears. In the last 75 years, this team has won two championships. And in the Super Bowl era, they are trailing historic franchises like the Baltimore Ravens and Tampa Bay Buccaneers in titles. Yet, they want to get rid of a coach that took them to the playoffs twice in a three-year stretch? What am I missing here?

Falling On The Sword

As mentioned above, MY head coach has been a consummate professional by taking the heat for his players in spite of their inability to perform on the field.

This is what leadership looks like: trying to take the heat for underperforming players. For the season, so-called franchise savior Justin Fields completed under 60% of his passes and had seven touchdowns with 10 interceptions. But it's Matt Nagy's fault this team went 6-11?

In a lot of ways, Nagy has been like a parent: you can only do so much to try to guide the young people under your wing before they have to take some accountability for their actions. It is not Matt Nagy's fault that Justin Fields wasn't able to make proper reads and quality throws. It isn't Matt Nagy's fault that Justin Fields threw the ball to teams in opposing jerseys more than he did his own teammates in 2021. But up until the end, Nagy showed the type of man and leader he is by holding himself accountable in the face of others' failures.

Matt Nagy deserved better than what the Bears organization did to him. He exemplified professionalism and class up until the very end, something I can't say for the Bears organization. To take a successful coach, upstanding citizen, and quality family man like Nagy and toss him out under these circumstances is just about as low as an organization can go. I simply don't think I can support the Bears organization after this debacle and demonstration of low moral fiber.

I firmly believe that years from now, we will look back on this decision as a defining moment in the Bears organization being continually mired in mediocrity. You can make the case that they deserve any misfortunes that will befall them as we head into the future.

Matt Nagy will continue to be MY head coach. He deserved better, and I have no doubt a smart football organization will right this wrong in no time and give this man the opportunity he justly deserves.