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Drafting Mitchell Trubisky will Ultimately Cost Ryan Pace his Job and Legacy, and it Should

The training wheels came off Trubisky's bike this season, and he flew over the handlebars, landing on his face. In the process, he brought his entire team down with him.
Photo: USA Today

Photo: USA Today

April 27th, 2017 — the day that will be remembered as one of the biggest catastrophes in Chicago sports history. It could have been a day that ultimately would have re-written the Chicago Bears history book, but instead it told the same old story.

Everyone knows the story. Hell, most Bears fans probably still have nightmares playing back this sad tale. Ryan Pace traded four draft picks to San Francisco to move up one spot and select "his guy" in Mitchell Trubisky. Two and a half years later, it is already a complete failure and Pace's "guy" is going to get him fired.

Trubisky hasn't just been bad, he's been unbelievably brutal. He can't hit wide-open receivers. He can't read a defense. He throws off his back foot. Anything beyond ten yards, forget about it. In a league with so many teams searching for quarterbacks, no team would look to Trubisky to answer their questions.

Two teams who aren't asking questions about their guy under center are the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs. Both teams found their guys in the same draft after the Bears selected Trubisky. Deshaun Watson went 12th overall, and Patrick Mahomes was selected with the tenth pick.

The football gods hate Bears fans.

The football gods hate Bears fans.

If both of those guys stay on their current pace, they'll be getting golden jackets and busts in Canton, Ohio. As for Trubisky, he'll be lucky to keep his locker at Halas Hall.

Some will be quick to make excuses for Trubisky. The offensive line has regressed considerably from last season. The Bears couldn't run the ball if the defense had seven guys on the field. These are all legitimate gripes. However, despite all of that, the biggest and brightest red-flag on this team wears number ten on his back.

Good quarterbacks can overcome deficiencies around them. How many good teams have the Packers put around Aaron Rodgers? He's never had a running back. His offensive line has never been elite. Matthew Stafford never gets a running game, his only major weapon has been retired for years, and he is still better than serviceable.

Mitch Trubisky has weapons. He has a better receiving core than quite a few QBs in the league. Allen Robinson is elite, but he doesn't get the respect he deserves because the two quarterbacks he's had throwing to him in his career are Blake Bortles and Blake Bortles Jr.

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It's tough to get your offense in rhythm when you scheme up a perfect play on third down, have your receiver get separation, and have your QB miss a WIDE open throw. This happens time after time. Game after game.

It's also tough to establish a running game when your offense poises zero threat in the vertical passing game. No respect for the opposing quarterback means the defense is simply going to stack the box and dare the QB to beat them. Trubisky is flat out incapable of doing it.

The time is up. Excuses are no longer valid. The training wheels came off Trubisky's bike this season, and he flew over the handlebars, landing on his face. In the process, he brought his entire team down with him.

The Chicago Bears have a championship-caliber defense. However, when you ask them to be on the field for two-thirds of every game, cracks are going to begin forming in the foundation. That is what you are beginning to see with what should be a feared defense. They went from scary to tired rather quickly.

If the Bears could simply field an average offense, they'd be one of the better teams in the NFC. However, they have a well below-average quarterback. Guess what? It's the most important position in football for a reason. One bad QB can be catastrophic for a team, and it is already becoming that for the Bears.

The championship window is already closing. Players like Eddie Jackson are going to be due raises as their rookie contracts expire. Certain players will become cap casualties, and the Bears won't be as deep across the field as they were last season and this year. That window will slam shut much faster than one might think, which is why now is the time to win.

If you put Patrick Mahomes on this team, they are probably Super Bowl favorites. Deshaun Watson makes them one of the best teams in the NFC. Mitchell Trubisky has them on the outside of the playoffs looking in. He has Bears fans thinking what could have been.

It's a shame for Ryan Pace. He built a really solid team. However, at the end of the day, he pushed all of his chips to the center table when he chose to make the move for Trubisky in the 2017 NFL Draft. Here, nearly halfway through the 2019 season, he is watching the dealer collect every single one of his chips.

A general manager's job is to win a Super Bowl. The Bears absolutely can not win the Lombardi Trophy with Trubisky at the helm. Pace bet his job on Trubisky being the guy, and he bet wrong. Pace will forever be known as the guy who drafted the first quarterback in a draft class that featured two generational quarterbacks and selected neither of them. It's a tough pill to swallow, but reality is such.

Featured Photo: USA Today