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During an Ongoing Crisis, The Chicago Bears Refuse to Help Season Ticket Holders

The Bears are not postponing their deadline for season ticket payments.
Photo: Arizona State University

Photo: Arizona State University

The America we live in currently, with the ongoing COVID-19 situation, is unlike any citizen of this country has ever seen. Every sports league has been shut down. Americans are being encouraged to stay home. The tax payment deadline has been postponed 90 days. The federal government has reportedly considered issuing checks to citizens during this trying time. However, the Chicago Bears seem to be missing the big picture here.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, even with the ongoing crisis, the Bears are not postponing their deadline for season ticket payments. Those payments are due today, March 20. That is right in the middle of this national crisis. We, as a nation, are staring directly at a near future of great uncertainty. Americans are now out of work. They are searching for solutions to money shortages. The Chicago Bears are sending the message that they don't care and that is incredibly unfortunate.

It was reported last week that the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks would pay United Center employees for the games that would be missed due to the NBA and NHL suspending their seasons. That is a perfect example of the right thing to do. When you are a prominent figure in the third-largest city in America with extremely deep pockets, you have a moral obligation to help the community when it is in need, nonetheless your most devoted supporters.

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People around Chicago, and America for that matter, should only be worrying about how to pay their rent and utility bills and feeding their families. That should be the main and only concern in these trying times. With everything going on, times are hard enough for Americans. One could forecast that things may get even more challenging. People don't need extra, unneeded monetary obligations to worry about.

According to the Sun-Times, the Green Bay Packers have pushed their deadline for season ticket payments back to June 1st. Some have reported that the Bears have pushed the deadline back two weeks to April 3rd, but the team denied that and held firm on March 20th.

The team stated that any season ticket holder that would like to discuss this is encouraged to contact the ticket office. However, when the team wouldn't even postpone payments two weeks, you can't imagine that conversation is not going to go to well for Bears fans.

No matter how you dissect the story here, this is an incredibly bad look for the Chicago Bears. Fans already seem to have a tenuous relationship, at best, with the McCaskey family, who hasn't built up the greatest reputation in Chicago over the years. This is yet another, and a strong, negative mark on their resume. There was time to fix this and do the right thing. Jerry Reinsdorf and Rocky Wirtz did the right thing. The McCaskey's chose not to, and that is something no Chicagoan should soon forget.