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Despite Top-100 Snub, Eddie Jackson's Value Still Shines Through

Despite being snubbed from the NFL Top 100 Players list, Chicago Bears' safety Eddie Jackson is as valuable as ever.
Eddie Jackson Chicago Bears

Photo: Kena Krutsinger/USA TODAY Sports

Last week, the Seattle Seahawks made a blockbuster trade to acquire Jamal Adams.

It seems like a huge haul for any player that isn't a quarterback but to be fair, it's understandable that Adams warranted the two first-round picks. Jamal Adams was drafted sixth overall and the Seahawks are usually in the mix for a playoff spot. Those two first-rounders will most likely slot in at pick 22 or later. The Jets are essentially breaking even by getting back what they gave up to acquire Adams in 2017.

In my opinion, the Jets still got the better end of the deal. Even if they wanted to pay him, they would have lost Adams to free agency in the future or encountered the risk of a possible holdout. They got out clean and won't have to attempt to pay a box safety.

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Over at Bears On Tap, we've had the discussion about Jamal Adams's value in comparison to Eddie Jackson on our podcast a few times. Jackson is a premier free safety in the NFL and just cashed in this past offseason by signing a four-year, $58.4 million extension with the Bears. Even though Adams is a phenomenal talent, we like our guy Eddie a lot better.

On a recent episode of Move The Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks, Daniel Jeremiah mentioned something similar.

"Jamal's got two picks in three years... to me, I just look in the draft every year and I can find a lot more guys that can play closer to the line of scrimmage than I can find guys that can play in the post. Guys that can play in the post are more rare and that, to me, is why those guys are going to get more money. For my money, Jamal is a disrupter down there, Eddie Jackson plays in the post and gives me the football back. To me, I'd rather have a guy that gives me a football back."

- Daniel Jeremiah on the Jamal Adams Trade

This was an unprompted reaction to the Jamal Adams trade. It seems like Bears players, Jackson included, don't get the proper recognition from the national media.

Recently, most of the Chicago Bears players dropped off the NFL Top 100 Players of 2019 list. Eddie Jackson fell off the list from being number 30 in 2018. Jackson didn't post the same turnover or touchdown numbers in 2019, but all of his advanced metrics were on par with his 2018 campaign. The NFL Top 100 list may be sleeping on Eddie Jackson, but DJ and Bucky aren't.