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Expect More of the Same from Your 2020 Chicago Bears

Yet here we are, not even out of the calendar year of 2019, and Chicago Bears GM Ryan Pace has named Mitchell Trubisky the starter for the 2020 season.
Photo: AP

Photo: AP

2019 was a season the entire city of Chicago was ready for after the Bears finished last season 12-4 and were the hottest team in the league. This season was filled with injuries, underachievement, and inconsistency. Mitchell Trubisky regressed, the defense wasn't making game-changing plays week in and week out, and don't even get me started about the play-calling. Yet here we are, not even out of the calendar year of 2019, and Chicago Bears GM Ryan Pace has named Mitchell Trubisky the starter for the 2020 season.


This move alone will control the media for the next few months and, from watching the live comments on Twitter, the fans will have their way with this too. The Bears have a great group of guys and the roster is not much different than the 12-4 roster of 2018. The Bears have to go out and find a proven veteran QB to come in and compete with Mitch. They cannot hand the job to him on a silver platter two days after one of the most disappointing seasons in recent Bears history. Now, I sat here on this very website and spoke very highly of Mitch before the 2019 season, and unfortunately, he did not live up to expectations. Do I believe Mitch still has potential? Yes. Do I think he is a prototypical pocket passer like Nagy wants him to be? No. They have to allow Mitch to get out of the pocket, extend the play, and use his legs because that is when he is truly cooking. One thing we touched on this week on the Bears On Tap Podcast was how, despite the records this year the division was down, both our NFC North foes will be bounced in their first game.

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It is a modern-day tragedy that the Bears were not able to piece together wins in one-possession games, a la the Chargers, Eagles, and Packers (week one) matchups. The difference between the 2018 and 2019 Bears was being able to win the close games and, to be honest, they looked more like the 2017 unit. What I want, and I think the city of Chicago can get behind this, is for Ryan Pace and the crew to either bring in a veteran QB or use a pick from rounds 2-4 on a young gunslinger to compete with Mitch. It's go time for #10, and this is the city of Chicago's absolute breaking point with the whole situation, especially as we watch college quarterbacks continuing to get better year-in and year-out. Classic examples include guys like Trevor Lawrence or Joe Burrow.

Don't get this twisted, this isn't a hate piece or a blame everything on Mitch piece, but the fact of the matter is that he has underperformed up to this point and, unfortunately for Chicago, he is Ryan Pace's guy so they are going to ride the #10 train until the wheels fall off. There is no clean escape for this team; the only thing that has everyone keeping their job is results. We saw what this team was capable of in 2018, and while 2019 did not go their way, making decisions like this a mere 48 hours after the season has finished is not the right way to move into the offseason. I want Mitch to succeed and I want this team to win and be successful, but I've found in life when you're just handed something as opposed to earning it, people value it differently. For Mitch, this job more or less fell in his lap due to the performance of Mike Glennon in 2017.

I think the best course of action for Mitch is to wipe the slate clean, shut off all of the outside noise, and pick a warm-weather state to train in. Honestly, I would love to see him out there training with Allen Robinson and the receiving corps during the offseason. This is the most important season and year of his entire life if he truly is about being an NFL QB. The time is now, their window is shutting, and if they're going to commit to this kid before even bringing in another QB to compete with him, they need him to be all in. No more pulling up to avoid a hit when a first down is within reach; no more overthrows. Hold the ball high and tight, and if there is pressure, to hell with what Nagy and Pace want, run Mitch, run!

The offseason will be busy and you can expect a plethora of moves to help improve this roster because unfortunately for the Bears, they play in the NFC North and 8-8 will not cut it for winning the division. Ryan Pace stated in his press conference today that all five offensive linemen will return, but do expect the front office to bring in competition. One of the biggest issues this season for the Bears was the offensive line, and when you have a GM and coach who want your QB to stay in the pocket, you have a recipe for disaster. Pace also spoke to the advantage of having more picks in this year's draft despite not having a first-rounder, so put your seat-belts on and get ready for another draft day of movement as Ryan Pace chases his "guy." I try to look at silver linings, and for me, the 2019 season is over. The 2020 offseason has begun in typical Chicago Bears fashion, and it's just a question of what becomes their next move?

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