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Franchise Tag Deadline Looming for Bears

The clock is ticking on the Bears as the franchise tag deadline fast approaches. The contract situation with Allen Robinson remains unresolved.

The clock is ticking for the Chicago Bears. They have until 3:00 PM CST on Tuesday to place the franchise tag on WR Allen Robinson.

Robinson and his camp have made it abundantly clear how they feel about the lack of a contract extension. The entire saga started back in September when the star wide receiver took down all things related to the Bears from his social media. However, the Bears themselves have repeatedly said how much they appreciate Robinson and how valuable he is to the team. Nevertheless, nearly six months later the stalemate continues.

The conflicting reports lead one to believe that nothing has changed in the saga. They aren't any closer or further apart on a new deal. Which leaves only one option left if Robinson is going to suit up for the Bears next year, the dreaded franchise tag.

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If the Bears were to franchise tag Allen Robinson it would come at the price of $18 million fully guaranteed. A Bears/Robinson reunion leaves one less void on the roster to worry about. As it stands, outside of Robinson, the only other reliable wide receiver currently on the roster is Darnell Mooney.

However, if the Bears were to let Robinson hit the market, it would free up $18 million to use elsewhere on the roster. In order to replace Robinson, the team will either have to dip in to the market for another receiver or draft one. To be honest, they could do both.