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The Chicago Bears have been busy leading up to the 2022 trade deadline. Ahead of their loss to the Dallas Cowboys, the Bears moved DE Robert Quinn to the Philadelphia Eagles. On Halloween, the Bears moved Roquan Smith to the Baltimore Ravens. With three new draft picks in 2023, the Bears are up to nine picks to use in April. 

However, it appears the Bears aren't done. According to a report, the Bears are reportedly still trying to move assets ahead of Tuesday's deadline. 

With that in mind, who are some of the players that might still be on the move? Let's examine a couple names. 

David Montgomery

Naturally, players in final years of their contracts are candidates to be moved. Just as Quinn and Smith were moved, David Montgomery is a name that comes to mind. Although Monty isn't a "Christian McCaffrey-level running back", Monty can still command some value. With that in mind, is it worth moving Montgomery?

Sure, Khalil Herbert has seemingly taken over as the downhill runner, but Montgomery does a lot of things well that Herbert doesn't. Monty is a really good pass blocker and solid in the passing game as a receiver, both things that Herbert is not. It might be more value to the Bears to retain Montgomery on a reasonable deal for a few years and let him work with Herbert rather than handing over the reigns full time to the former Virginia Tech Hokie. 

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That said, don't be fooled. If the price is right for the Iowa State product, Ryan Poles will surely move on from the fourth-year back. 

Eddie Jackson

Unlike Quinn, Smith, and Monty, Eddie Jackson is under contract beyond the 2022 season. For the next two years, Jackson is due roughly $17 and $18 million in 2023 and 2024, respectively. Finding a trade partner for that dollar value is unlikely. In fact, the Bears likely won't receive value that makes it worth moving on from Jackson. 

Truthfully, Jackson should not be on the move. He and Jaquan Brisker are arguably one of the top safety duos in the league. In addition, the Tampa 2 inspired defense favors Eddie Jackson's style of play. A ballhawking safety thrives in the scheme, and fans are seeing it. Jackson has four interceptions this season, the most since his six in 2018. It's likely worth keeping Jackson in the fold. 

The Story to Tell

Although rumors are still flying regarding the Bears' possible intentions of dealing more players, the chances are that they'll retain everyone else on the roster. Sure, ridiculous moves such as Teven Jenkins could physically happen, but are incredibly doubtful. If Montgomery isn't dealt, then the two moves the Bears were going to make are likely made. 

Most of the players on the roster are guys the team believes in. There were two players entering the season who presented value to other teams. Now that the trades for Quinn and Smith are completed, the Bears may very well stand pat. However, don't be fooled. The phone are ringing, and Ryan Poles isn't afraid to make a move with the future in mind. 

There is plenty of time for a ball to drop before the Nov. 1 deadline. Buckle up Bears fans, keep refreshing your Twitter feeds until the deadline comes and goes.