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In Wake of Wentz Injury, Could Foles End Up in Indy?

In wake of Carson Wentz's foot injury and surgery, would a Nick Foles to Indy trade happen in the near future?
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Nick Foles Trade

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Monday's NFL news cycle was met with a lot of speculation from Bears fans. A few days ago, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Carson Wentz sustained a foot injury. According to reports on Monday, Wentz is expected to miss five-to-12 weeks due to surgery to repair said injury.

In wake of the news, speculation on where Nick Foles may end up began immediately. The connection to Indianapolis makes a lot of sense for both sides, especially since Frank Reich coached Foles in Philadelphia. The Colts need a quarterback and Foles' familiarity with Reich's system means an easy transition for the Bears' current third-string quarterback.

Nick Foles spoke to the Chicago media on Monday and actually spoke on the speculation. In his press conference, he mentioned his ties to Frank Reich, his desire to only be moved if he knows the coaching staff with the team he's moving to, and much more.

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For both sides, the trade would make a lot of sense. The Bears owe Foles a lot of money to be a third-string quarterback, and the Colts will need a veteran to at least serve a backup until Wentz returns. In addition, Foles is familiar with Reich, something other available quarterbacks can't necessarily say.

The Colts have plenty of salary cap space to absorb Foles' contract. The money would not be the holdup on any possible move. A trade likely comes down to the Colts wanting Foles more than anything else.

There is no concrete news regarding a potential Foles trade. The idea is completely fan- and media-inspired speculation at this point. However, in the event the Bears want to move Foles, the Colts seem like a logical partner given the update on their new franchise quarterback. It's only week two of training camp, but the hot stove rumors are already starting ahead of the season.