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Is a Tarik Cohen Trade Imminent for the Bears?

The Bears need draft picks and this is how they get some.
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Photo: Michael McGinnis/Associated Press

Photo: Michael McGinnis/Associated Press

In a time without any sports actually being played, this has been one of the wildest weeks ever thanks to the NFL. Free agency is upon us and we’ve had a slough of ridiculous trades, i.e. DeAndre Hopkins, and one of the all-time greats donning new colors for the first time in Tom Brady.

Tampa Bay is actually the reason for this potential move. Tom Brady needs a check-down running back to dump the ball off to and Tarik Cohen is the perfect fit. Don’t go screaming at me yet though, this will all make sense.

2018 was Cohen’s breakout year. He had 725 receiving yards and five touchdowns. The short passing game is exactly how he should be used. He makes defenders miss.

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Then comes 2019 and the absolutely drastic drop-off that wasn’t his fault at all. He had ZERO rushing touchdowns, compared to the three he had in 2018, and his receiving yards dropped to 456 with three touchdowns.

This decline is a product of Matt Nagy not using him properly. He is not the guy to rush up the middle into a big line of men double his size; he cannot break through that.

I propose Ryan Pace take a good look at these numbers and Matt Nagy to get something out of Cohen. If Nagy can’t use him properly, then trade him to Tampa Bay where Bruce Arians will.

Tom Brady needs an agile running back to dump the ball off to when his offensive line inevitably leaks and he’s about to get smashed by Cameron Jordan.