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It's Time for Matt Nagy to Send a Message and Bench Anthony Miller

This team needs a wake-up call. Anthony Miller has hit snooze one too many times.
Photo: Jim Mone/AP Photo

Photo: Jim Mone/AP Photo

There has been a laundry list of things to be disappointed with from the Bears this season. The O-line regressed to the level of falling off a cliff. David Montgomery has been non-existent. Mitchell Trubisky is, well, yikes. But man, didn't everyone expect so much more out of Anthony Miller?

This was a guy that Ryan Pace traded up to get. Sidenote: Ryan, your track record with trading up to get "your guy" is incredibly poor, so you might want to pump the brakes on that strategy. Anyway, Miller showed flashes of being a difference-maker on offense last season.

This year, he has been a difference-maker. Unfortunately, those differences have been mostly negative. He has run wrong routes. He's dropped passes that Trubisky surprisingly actually threw to him. Stupid penalties? Miller is your guy. Oh, and he added a fumble to the mix in Sunday's embarrassing loss to the Saints.


What happened to this guy? He doesn't seem like someone who lacks any confidence. Let's look at the Raiders game in London. This game displayed evidence of good Miller and bad Miller.

Early in the game, the Bears faced third down around midfield. Miller was wide open, Chase Daniel hit him, and Miller just flat out dropped what would have been an easy first down. You just can't do that, especially when your backup QB is in and you need to build rhythm as an offense.

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Then Miller made up for it with this huge play.

It was a phenomenal catch. The Bears need more of this from Anthony Miller. However, they are few and far between for the second-year receiver. Staying in that same game, Anthony then turns back to bad Miller.

Joe Gniady, you get it. Miller goes on to get a 15-yard penalty for taunting a defensive back on a touchdown that HE DIDN'T EVEN CATCH. Who the hell taunts someone for something that your teammate did? It was Allen Robinson's touchdown, and Miller couldn't keep his mouth shut.

This allowed the Raiders to enforce the penalty on the kickoff and gave them great field position. Oh, and Miller missed a tackle on the kickoff just to add salt to the wound.

And then we move to Sunday against New Orleans. Your offense is a joke. You can't stay on the field longer than three plays because ten yards is about fifteen yards too many for this unit to get. What does Anthony Miller do? Fumble the damn football. You simply can't have that. He should have been benched for the remainder of the game.

This team needs a wake-up call. Anthony Miller has hit snooze one too many times. It's time for number 17 to make an appearance on the inactive list when Sunday rolls around and the San Diego Los Angeles Chargers are in town. Javon Wims has proven time and time again he deserves more playing time. Anthony Miller has proven to you that he isn't taking his opportunities seriously. It's time for Matt Nagy to show who is in charge. Make the change. Send a message.

Featured Photo: AP Photo/Jim Mone