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Justin Fields, Luke Getsy Relationship Provides Hope for Bears

Bears QB Justin Fields and OC Luke Getsy's blossoming relationship should bring optimism to those within and outside of the organization.
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Justin Fields Luke Getsy Bears

Photos: Michael Reaves-Getty Images/Ashlee Rezin-Chicago Sun-Times

In football, a relationship between a quarterback and receiver, or a quarterback and offensive line, is so important. However, maybe just as important is the relationship between the quarterback and his play caller. In the case of the Chicago Bears, new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy and quarterback Justin Fields appear to be meshing, creating optimism around the organization.

Notably, we've heard mentions all offseason long from new head coach Matt Eberflus and others about Fields' mechanics. They've raved over his improvement all offseason, meaning a major year two improvement may be in store. However, without confidence in himself, his coaches, and the offense, Fields won't be able to thrive in the manner that Bears fans hope he can.

Confidence and Trust are Key

Perhaps the most important elements a quarterback and play caller need to have amongst one another are confidence and trust. According to numerous reports, as indicated above, that is exactly the case with Getsy and Fields. These two appear to be clicking on all cylinders, exuding confidence into everyone within and outside of the organization.

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Last season, the former coaching staff failed to use Fields' strengths within the game plan. Instead, they opted to try and fit a square peg in a round hole, playing the system that Matt Nagy desired. Now, Coach Eberflus has confirmed the team will stretch the field and utilize Fields' deep-ball ability. In addition, other Bears players have confirmed that the new offense is perfect for Justin Fields.

With all of this in mind, the Chicago Bears and their new coaching staff are setting Justin Fields up for success. Sure, maybe the receiving talent, outside of Darnell Mooney, isn't there this season, but meaningful steps forward could position the Bears for a run at the division in 2023. When coach and player trust each other and gel, it usually results in good things. In the Bears' case, it might result in a franchise quarterback for the first time in... forever.