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Matt Nagy Canceled Meetings Amidst Controversy

On this episode of 'The Bears Don't Know What They're Doing', Matt Nagy canceled meetings to meet with ownership over reports of his termination.
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If it wasn't already an eventful and unusual day to follow the Chicago Bears, Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reported even more distress at Halas Hall. Matt Nagy canceled meetings after his brief appearance with the media on Tuesday. All of them. Nagy met with Bears' ownership instead and his fate is still unclear. The Bears' organization failed to deliver any comments on the situation at a management level, leaving fans concerned.

Players Upset With Nagy?

The players are starting to see that their coach is losing control. 'Losing the locker room' is only a small part of Nagy's decline. Perhaps a decline is a poor choice of words. It implies that one achieved something and fell below it continuously.

For Matt Nagy, he was never able to even rise above competent and dream of achieving greatness. The head coach of the Bears shouldn't be someone who only focuses on creating an offense. He shouldn't be overwhelmed with handling an entire team to the point where he forgets details about the game and ruins timeouts.

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Photo: Chicago Bears

Photo: Chicago Bears

The players may have believed in him once, but that was a facade.

Whatever happens next will be intriguing, to say the least. A very dull and uninteresting Thanksgiving Day game between the Lions and Bears just became really interesting and it has little to do with what happens on the field. The silence from ownership and management feels like a convoluted coverup. Who is really making the decisions here?

The logic of this move is highly consequential, and for whom? Ryan Pace or Matt Nagy? We don't know if they're tied together as a leadership team and the silence speaks volumes. If one stays while the other goes, does anything really change? Maybe the McCaskeys aren't interested in a complete overhaul and Pace gets to pick a third head coach. Hopefully, the third time is a charm... but it's unlikely.