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Sunday marks the final regular season matchup for the Chicago Bears. They will welcome the NFC North-leading Minnesota Vikings to town. With that in mind, the Bears need to lose. Why? Well, draft position for April's NFL Draft is on the line. If the Bears lose and the Houston Texans win, the No. 1 pick belongs to Chicago. If the Bears win, then that presents further challenges that have been previously outlined

With that in mind, the Vikings appear to be playing for a better seed in the playoff structure. According to their head coach Kevin O'Connell, the team plans on playing their starters against the Bears at Soldier Field. 

For the Bears, this is exactly what they want to hear. With the likelihood of Justin Fields taking the field, assuming he's fully healthy, and other starters doing the same, the last thing the Bears want at this point is to find a fourth win in the final week to destroy their chances at a top-two pick. Now, Justin Jefferson, Adam Thielan, T.J. Hockenson, Dalvin Cook, and Kirk Cousins will have something to say in possibly handing the Bears their 14th loss of the season. 

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While Week 18's start time hung in the balance all season long, a lackluster matchup in the NFL's final week was not enough to move the Bears into a primetime slot on Saturday. Instead, the two teams will battle at the traditional 12:00 pm CST time slot on Sunday afternoon. 

Now, Bears fans can watch nervously as their team likely loses at the hands of the Vikings on Sunday, while hoping the Texans pull off a miraculous victory over the Indianapolis Colts. If that occurs, Sunday's celebration may be over the No. 1 overall pick rather than a victory at Soldier Field.