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Mitchell Trubisky Has a Rare Chance To Be a Chicago Hero

Mitchell Trubisky should disregard logic and be honest with himself and the fans.
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The Bears are currently on a downward trend that is spiraling out of control. A six-game losing streak hasn't happened in almost 20 years and it's an entirely new low for the organization. It's time they clean house, meaning quarterback Mitchell Trubisky has a rare chance to be a Chicago hero.

The Truth In Opportunity

It's about time the McCaskey family and the entire Bears organization admit they got it wrong with Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy. They are not the future of this team and they need to be let go. Mitchell Trubisky has a ton of athletic potential and anyone who's seen him play knows that. His faults were coachable and it became clear after his short time in the NFL that his problems went a little deeper.

Photo: Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune

Photo: Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune

He struggled reading coverages and throwing accurately downfield. He had the athleticism to utilize as a foundation, but could never quite take the next step. Here is where coaching should have come into play. John Fox first attempted to teach Trubisky and failed. Then Matt Nagy got his chance and he has failed. They have wasted what talent Mitch has and significantly hindered his ceiling for what he could have been.

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There are also a lot of rumors floating around the city's virtual water coolers after the destructive collapse against the Lions.

Whatever truth may be in those words are beyond my level of knowledge. I assure you that every Bears fan would be excited to see Ted Phillips leave this organization. Ryan Pace has missed too many opportunities in the draft to be kept either and the team should let him go as well.

Mitch Can Be A Chicago Hero Now

It's widely expected that the Bears will be moving on from the young quarterback after the 2020 season. Mitch might get a job next year as a respectable athletic backup, but even that is uncertain. Also, Mitch has always been the consummate professional in post-game conferences and interviews. I'm here to propose that change IMMEDIATELY.

Mitch shouldn't worry about finding a job next season and take a chance here. If there is one thing that absolutely every Bears fan hates is how much the organization lies to their fans. Mitch has the rare chance to be a hero for the fans in Chicago and speak the truth.

He absolutely should be honest in his responses from now on and talk about how bad the coaching has been. He doesn't need to use those words, but sending the vibe that he feels he has been mismanaged is more than enough. Bears fans can respect that! Especially if it finally sends the message to the McCaskey family that their offensive guru has indeed lost control of the locker room.