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Mitchell Trubisky 'Not Taking Opportunity For Granted'

The buildup is finally over. Mitchell Trubisky will go into the 2020 NFL season as the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears.
Mitchell Trubisky Bears QB

Photo: Kevin Terrell

After a long and highly publicized training camp battle, Mitchell Trubisky has been named the Chicago Bears' starting quarterback. His competition with former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles was a local and national phenomenon.

Many thought Foles was brought in to be the starter and that the competition was a formality. Some saw it as an opportunity to light a fire under Trubisky and bring out his aggressive side. There were some that even believed it was all smoke and mirrors to please the fanbase and save GM Ryan Pace's job. Regardless, Trubisky has obviously impressed the coaching staff enough to get the nod.

Matt Nagy Loves A Comeback Story

Chicago Bears Matt Nagy Mitchell Trubisky

Photo: Mark Black/AP

Chicago Bears' head coach Matt Nagy has always been the underdog. From playing college ball at Delaware to being an absolute mad man in the Arena League, Nagy has had no shortage of obstacles. He clearly sees that in his quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, which he elaborated on when discussing the bumpy road his quarterback has faced.

"(Mitch) has had some highs and a lot of lows. He has worked his tail off to win this job and have an opportunity to prove a lot of people right. If you struggle to see and understand that, then that's your own opinion. Here we are and now he has an opportunity, let's see where it goes. Now he has the ball and he's able to do what he wants with this. We're all going to support and surround him with every opportunity to have a very happy ending."

- Bears HC Matt Nagy on Mitchell Trubisky

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'Motivated Mitch'?

Photo: Ashlee Rezin Garcia/Chicago Sun-Times

Photo: Ashlee Rezin Garcia/Chicago Sun-Times

During the offseason, teammates discussed the difference they see in Trubisky. He held workouts with teammates Allen Robinson and Tarik Cohen before camp and Cordarrelle Patterson publicly raved about the quarterback's leadership in the huddle. In a recent interview, Trubisky made it clear that he isn't satisfied with just winning the job.

"It's just the first step in my goal for this season. I was pleased with the training camp I had. I think I've done a great job leading these guys and just showing how much I want to lead this team and be their quarterback. I feel like I got rewarded for it, but it's the first step in this process to have a successful season this year for this team."

- Mitchell Trubisky,

Trubisky also addressed how he approached the competition when discussing his relationship with teammate Nick Foles and how he's kept a team-first mentality:

"I just accepted it as a challenge. It really pushed me every day mentally to just want to get better, prove everyone wrong, and make sure that this was still my team. I think the way I handled it was respectful to everyone else. Also just being so welcoming to Nick and developing that relationship to help our team, I think everyone saw that. Our teammates have just fed off that. So it's been a rewarding journey, but like I said it's just one of the first steps. I believe everything happens for a reason and we're just going to try to keep getting better, myself included."

- Mitchell Trubisky,

Only time will tell if this is the season in which Mitchell Trubisky is able to cut through the ever-present noise surrounding his on-field performance. That time is quickly approaching as he will be under center when the Bears kick off their 2020 campaign against the Detroit Lions on Sunday.