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Mitchell Trubisky Should Sit the Remainder of the Season

Should the Bears rest their QB1?
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Photo: Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Photo: Quinn Harris/Getty Images

It's been a full 24 hours since the Bears were eliminated from the playoffs in losing to the Green Bay Packers, and I'm finally starting to digest it all.

This season sucked. This season was a waste. Most importantly, this season wasn't a complete failure, but we'll get into that later.

What's the end goal of every year?

Winning the Super Bowl, right?! If not achieving that goal is a sign of a failed season, then 31 teams a year fail hard.

I'm not going to get into the offseason work ahead for the Bears just yet, and boy is there a lot, but I want to start the conversation now before the expected beatdown takes place on Sunday Night Football when the Bears host the Chiefs.

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Let's keep this simple:

  • Matt Nagy has been terrible and needs to relinquish playcalling duties.
  • Mitchell Trubisky has been average, showing little improvement from last year.
  • Whether you like it or not, they will both be back at the helm of their respective positions next season for our beloved Bears.

I propose this:

Since we know Nagy will not let go of his playcalling powers this year, then they need to rest Trubisky. Let his "hip-pointer injury" get some rest and keep him out of harm's way from the likes of that ferocious Vikings defense in week 17. Let's also keep him away from having to throw the ball over 40 times against Kansas City. We know the Chiefs can jump out to a big lead awfully quick, which could lead to Mitch making some big, embarrassing mistakes on national television.

I think they should start Tyler Bray. Does it make sense? No. Would they benefit from it? Also no. However, what can they lose now? They might as well let the kid get some reps. They could potentially discover that they have the answer to the lingering "should the Bears bring in competition for Trubisky" question, which would help them avoid bringing in some veteran that will cost them salary cap space or draft picks. If Bray does not prove to be the answer to that question, then at least a potential future move for a veteran quarterback will be further justified by exhausting all internal options first.

This is a dumb idea with very little expected upside, and it is the absolute opposite of the "Bears way." However, it's exactly why they should do it in an already lost season.

Featured Photo: Quinn Harris/Getty Images