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Mitchell Trubisky: The Man In The Arena

It’s the man in the arena who gets it. He puts in the work, he has the battle scars, and he feels the triumph.
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Mitchell Trubisky Virtual Press Conference, June 2020

Mitchell Trubisky had a sense of calm and responsibility in his most recent press conference. He seemed to be in a completely different mindset since we last heard from him. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we haven’t been able to hear from Mitchell since the conclusion of the 2019 season. At that point, he was distraught, to say the least. Anyone who has followed Chicago sports understands how critical the fanbase and media can be, and at this point, criticism of Mitchell Trubisky has bled into most of the national media.

Personally, I’m in a weird place with Trubisky. He’s well-liked by his teammates and all reports indicate he is a lunch pail guy. Mitchell Trubisky’s name has never been in a sentence with the words unmotivated or lack of effort. I don’t understand the crowd that roots for Trubisky to fail. It doesn’t matter who you wanted to draft in 2017, it’s over. Being right on Twitter isn’t as important as the city sharing a Lombardi Trophy.

If you want to critique Trubisky’s performance, that’s a different story. Even with some inconsistent play-calling, Trubisky still misses opportunities. Ryan Pace stated that he wanted Trubisky to be more consistent during his end-of-season presser following the 2019 campaign. When looking at Trubisky’s career, he is consistently struggling more than he hasn’t been, but he does have those glimpses of elite playmaking ability. Those instances get lost in the shuffle and are generally disregarded.

In 2018, the Bears were going into a game against a Fitzmagic-driven season. It was finally going to be a test for the Bears' defense, and Mitchell Trubisky was going to have to put up points for the Bears to compete. The Bears' defense smothered the Buccs and the magic ended. Trubisky did put up those points, “but it was Tampa Bay.” Trubisky plays well against the defending division champion Minnesota Vikings, but nah, that's not good enough. Take it to 2019 and Trubisky is giving thanks and dropping dimes all over Detroit, “but it’s the Lions.” Then finally we’re facing a top-ten defense, and Trubisky leads the Bears to their most exciting win of the season. It doesn’t matter because “the Cowboys fell off.” As I said before, Trubisky struggles more than he excels, but he gets virtually no credit for the latter.

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This leads me to the title of this article: Mitchell Trubisky: The Man In The Arena. If you look in the top left corner of that screenshot from his Zoom call, you’ll see a framed quote: The Man In The Arena by Teddy Roosevelt.

Photo: Amazon

Photo: Amazon

For those of you that don’t understand the quote, it essentially means that critics are afraid to fail, so they will never get the glory. It’s the man in the arena who gets it. He puts in the work, he has the battle scars, and he feels the triumph.

I hope that Mitchell Trubisky put this quote in the video frame intentionally. Everyone has been saying he needs to play with a chip on his shoulder, and this could be that chip. The Bears need the Mitch that doesn’t think and just plays when there are two minutes left on the clock.

A Zoom call won’t reveal how well Mitchell Trubisky will play, but it does reveal that his stress levels are at an all-time low. Trubisky even said he is playing for his next contract and doesn’t know where that will be. He realizes the situation he is in, and even after all the grief he’s gotten, he wants to stay with the team that drafted him. Trubisky has stated that he still feels like it’s his team. Going into the 2020 season, quarterback competition will be in his favor and it’s his job to lose.