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The Chicago Bears and their fans celebrated Sunday and woke up Monday with feelings of jubilee after a 19-10 Bears' victory over the San Francisco 49ers. However, if the point of view is zoomed out to the national stage, there isn't a lot of credit being given to the Bears. Rather, outlets are pointing to Trey Lance's struggles as the reason for the 49ers' loss. 

Is this narrative everywhere? No. However, there are plenty of outlets wanting to speak exclusively about Trey Lance. We get it, he's the former No. 3 overall pick, the quarterback for a team with enough talent to run the table, and the Lance/Jimmy Garoppolo saga is low-hanging fruit for coverage. With that said, the Bears still showed up and did a lot of good things to help secure the victory. 

Try and Blame the Rain

It's too easy to sit back as a fan of the 49ers or the national media and blame the less-than-ideal weather. Both teams had to tolerate the rain. Early, it looked like both quarterbacks were going to suffer as a result. However, the second half showed that Justin Fields is the real deal and the Bears adjusted to score 19 unanswered points en route to the victory. 

Rain is tough to play in. The ball is wet, the footing is not the best, and it can greatly force adjustments to the game plan. At the same time, the 49ers offense is built to be successful in bad weather. They run the ball and play quality defense. Both of those strengths weren't enough to leave Chicago with a victory. 

Defensive Takeaways

For the Bears, defensive takeaways will be a massive key for any kind of meaningful success. In addition, they'll need a lot of them. On Sunday, a huge "Peanut Punch" from Jaylon Johnson and an excellent read by Eddie Jackson helped give the Bears the lead in the takeaways category.

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For starters, it's all about going after the football. Deebo Samuel, who is such a weapon for the 49ers, was without a doubt going to get tons of touches. The Bears were able to force one of San Fran's best players to cough up the football. The big punch from Johnson and subsequent recovery by Jaquon Brisker created the Bears' first takeaway. 

Later, Eddie Jackson made an incredible break on a Trey Lance pass. After breaking toward the tight end on the play, Jackson hovered and read Lance's eyes. In doing so, he broke perfectly on the throw and snagged his first interception since 2019. Eddie Jackson is still a ball hawk ladies and gentlemen. 

The Bears Offense in the Clutch

Good football teams can execute a plan and get the jump done. However, most games don't always go according to plan. In the Bears' case, the offense was struggling early in the first half. However, excellent adjustments by the coaches and players made for a much more eventful second half. 

Between the cross-field throw from Fields, the big touchdown taking advantage of a short field, or the Khalil Herbert run, the Bears did it all in the second half. In addition, the 49ers were shut down, leading to the nine-point win (and should have been 11 if not for two missed PATs). 

Remember, the 49ers are a good football team. If the Bears didn't make the right adjustments and turn it on in the second half, then they wouldn't have deserved the win. The Bears came through in the clutch and delivered on their own turf.

In the End... It's More Than "Lance's Struggles"

Blaming Trey Lance is lazy, period. The defense couldn't stop the Bears in the second half, the 49ers let the ball get away at critical points, and excellent coaching adjustments made at the half helped the Bears prevail. 

So, just a short word to the national media. When looking for storylines about Sunday's game, don't be afraid to give the Chicago Bears credit. It was their effort and not just "the top draft pick's struggles" that resulted in the 19-10 final score.