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"Nobody Does It Better"- A Walter Payton Tribute

Walter Payton was the greatest to ever put on a helmet and shoulder pads.
Photo: James V. Biever/Getty Images

Photo: James V. Biever/Getty Images

A few weeks back, longtime Bears fan Mario Arencibia shared the "Walter Payton Nobody Does it Better," video with me. As someone who owns almost every Chicago Bears history book, I was shocked I had never heard of or seen the video. For those of you who haven't seen it, the video is below. For those of you who have, walk with me down memory lane.

The first thing I notice is the song choice, "Nobody Does it Better," by Carly Simon. It seems out of place. When you think of Walter Payton, you think of a running back who will drive his helmet into your shoulder pads and put you on your back. The juxtaposition of his style of play versus the delicacy of the song grabbed my attention.

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Even though Walter Payton ran up hills with trees on his back and put people on their backs, the song is fitting. Walter Payton's strength overshadowed his elusiveness. He had every tool in the tool kit. He would juke you out of your shoes or stutter-step a defender completely, ruining all pursuit angles. Walter Payton could stiff-arm you to next week and was 'truck sticking' people well before Madden was ever invented. If it ever came to a goal-line situation, well, Sweetness believed he could fly before MJ ever did.

Walter Payton was a complete football player. He could run, block, throw, catch -- hell, he was Boobie Miles at the pro level. The lyrics really say it all, Walter, baby you're the best.