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Not The Bears Tight End Splash Anyone Wanted to See

The Bears have reportedly agreed to terms with free-agent tight end Jimmy Graham, and fans aren't thrilled.
Photo: Matt York/AP

Photo: Matt York/AP

This is the worst news Bears fans have gotten all day, and right now most of America is in quarantine.

How did Jimmy Graham cash in again? He looked like he was going to be the next Tony Gonzalez at the start of his career, but since he left New Orleans he's never been the same weapon. Maybe Matt Nagy is thinking his genius compares to Sean Payton and Graham will reemerge. If you scroll through the comments in this post, you will see how upset the Chicago fanbase is and how happy the Packers fanbase is. It's still too early to tell, but one would assume this wasn't the splash fans were looking for. Jimmy Graham wasn't playing at an elite level with Aaron Rodgers throwing to him, so how will it be with Mitchell Trubisky throwing to him?

This also squashes a lot of the quarterback rumors that have been floated around today. There isn't a ton of money left even if the Bears do decide to cut Leonard Floyd. It looks like the quarterback competition won't be the most competitive after all.

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What does this mean for Trey Burton? His contract is virtually impossible for the Bears to get rid of. Graham and Burton actually sounds like a good duo, but it's not like Graham is an elite-level inline blocking tight end. Many people assumed the Bears would be making a splash on someone to help the offensive line or tight end positions, but it doesn't seem like anyone wanted Jimmy Graham. Strap in for 2020, we'll see how it goes.