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OPINION: Nick Foles is the QB Chicago Deserves

Welcome to Chicago, Nick Foles.
Photo: Mike DiNovo/USA TODAY

Photo: Mike DiNovo/USA TODAY

The Chicago Bears are notoriously known for struggling to find franchise quarterbacks. From Rex Grossman to Jay Cutler to Mitchell Trubisky, it has been a very long time since a proven signal-caller has taken the field for the Monsters of the Midway. With a long history of suffocating defenses and explosive special teams, the main thing that has held this franchise back is a lack of competent quarterbacks.

So, if you were offered a QB who is loved by his past teammates and coaches, has a statue in one of the greatest football cities in America, and not to mention, is two years removed from a Super Bowl MVP, all for a fourth-round pick, would you take it?

You would? Well, good news.

Let me present to you, the newest QB of the Chicago Bears: Nick Foles.

Photo: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Photo: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Nick Foles does a lot of things that Mitchell Trubisky simply has not shown yet in his time in the NFL. Foles makes consistent, accurate, and anticipatory throws, he reads the field well, and he displays good decision-making. Plus, he knows Matt Nagy's system like no other. Having played under Andy Reid and Doug Pederson, who both use the same system, Foles will have no issue getting acclimated to the Chicago Bears offensive scheme.

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Now, many might look back to Foles' time with the Jaguars in which he only played in four games due to injury. In reality, while the numbers are not necessarily there, Foles did not play terribly last season. In fact, here is the play he broke his collarbone on.

If this throw came from Trubisky, it would be considered one of the best he has made in his three-year career. Need more encouragement? Foles has shown he can do it on the biggest stage.

The reality is, this team has touted an incredible defense for two years now, and that will be no different next season. In 2018, the Chicago Bears went 12-4 not because of Mitch Trubisky, but in spite of Mitch Trubisky. Many people, including myself, would speculate that in 2018 and maybe even 2019, a solid QB is what the Bears were missing to get to the promised land.

Not a star QB. Not a Hall-of-Fame QB. The Chicago Bears just need an average to above-average quarterback. They need someone who is going to give them a chance to win every game every time he steps on the field -- someone who is going to make the plays when he needs to. They do not need 500-yard games or seven-touchdown games (although Foles does hold that record). They just need a field general who is going to put them in a position to win, because frankly, that is all he needs to do given the defense Chicago touts.

Nick Foles is a great fit for this Bears team. With his track record and his familiarity with the system, there are not too many other guys I would have been happier about acquiring in exchange for a fourth-rounder. All Bears fans should feel the same way.

Photo: Quinn Harris

Photo: Quinn Harris

Welcome to Chicago, Nick Foles. We're happy to have you here.