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OPINION: The Bears Need To Trade Allen Robinson Right Now

Can the Bears get anything in return for this investment before they throw it all away?
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Allen Robinson Bears Trade

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It's no secret that contract discussions between the Bears and Allen Robinson have been at a standstill. Bears' general manager Ryan Pace has made a gargantuan mistake in letting it get to this point. The fact that we've made it to Week 7 of the NFL season without a new contract for Robinson leads me to believe the star receiver will walk away from the team after this season.

I wrote earlier in the week that I believe the Bears can find wide receiver production in the form of JuJu Smith-Schuster. Robinson, who's a free agent in 2021, can leave the team without any crippling financial debt and also without netting the Bears anything in return for him.

It's crucial that the Bears don't let Robinson leave the team, having been one of the best receivers in the organization's history. It's more important that the Bears don't let him walk while getting nothing in return when the inevitable happens. This is where a potential trade comes in.

The 2020 NFL trade deadline is November 3rd and the Bears first need a trading partner to make this deal happen.

The Browns could have potentially lost their number one wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr., for the remainder of the year. An MRI will offer clarity on the severity of his injury, but so far the status of Beckham's knee isn't great.

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The Browns also haven't had great production from their other "star" wideout, Jarvis Landry.

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Landry has yet to find the end zone this year and has been a huge letdown for Cleveland thus far. The Bears making a trade with the Browns involving Robinson could be their only option.

Cleveland is actually a competitive team in 2020, sporting a 5-2 record and likely bound for a playoff spot. They need elite receiver help badly and Robinson is most definitely an elite NFL receiver.

Will the Bears pay Robinson to remain with the team? Will they extend his contract, or has the damage already been done to this relationship? Getting a draft pick or two from Cleveland would be a much better scenario for the Bears than letting Robinson walk away after 2020 for nothing at all.

As painful as it may be, it's not totally out of the realm of possibility that Allen Robinson could be gone from Chicago within a week. With the 2020 NFL trade deadline quickly approaching, things are about to get interesting.