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OPINION: The Chicago Bears Need to Stop Lying to Themselves

This isn't about who plays QB for the team or who catches all of their targets. This is about the Bears coaching staff and front office failing to act on what is not working.
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Well, here we are again. Another mopey, depressing, and frustrating start to the week thanks to our beloved Chicago Bears. Their 24-17 loss to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday only highlighted the questions and concerns fans already had going into Week 9. If you're looking for stats, this probably isn't the article for you. If you're looking for someone attempting to put into words what you're thinking, welcome to my office.

It all began with something we've seen so many times before. The defense was shutting down the Titans' offensive unit early, while the Bears' offense was busy spraying cool whip into each other's mouths. Look, I'm not sure what goes through this team's head during the week, but running out the same scheme every game day and expecting to have success isn't going to happen.

The crazy thing is, early on, Nick Foles was being a little more active and taking some pressure off the line, which created more openings. In typical Bears fashion, that seemed to go away. David Montgomery was fed to the wolves again. Why even give this guy the ball? There's no "establishing the run" with this unit unless you consider 25 carries for 51 yards an establishment.

Don't think I'm putting all the blame on the players, because I'm not. Frankly, as weeks go on I'm starting to feel bad for these guys. Knowing that you're about to let your defense down and look pathetic doing it can't be easy. Let me catch my breath and move on.

Okay, maybe I'm not moving on. I've seen so many fans talk about how Mitchell Trubisky needs to be put back in, but that's such a surface-level thought. While replacing Foles with Trubisky would take some pressure off the line, you would see a decline in passing accuracy and the ability to read defenses. Pick your poison.

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My point is, nothing will fix this offense aside from an upgraded offensive line. So many people have been calling for this upgrade for so long and this franchise thought a coaching change would fix that. I have news for you, coaches can't block. It all begins with that group. It doesn't take a football guru to understand that in order for plays to develop properly, the defense needs to be blocked. In order to establish a run game, you need to control the line of scrimmage. Somehow, my beer-drinking, couch-sitting, TV-yelling self understands that, but the Bears' front office doesn't? I'm palms up over here.

I hope no one is smiling at the 17 points the Bears scored yesterday. I would consider them garbage time scores and would take them with a grain of salt. Matt Nagy -- I know this is what you've been waiting for -- is a clown. Yes, a clown. Remember when he talked about how he didn't want any egos to be in the room? Well, I would consider holding on to play-calling for far too long pretty egotistical.

You can't sit here and tell me that he's the best guy for the job when week in and week out we see this offense run the same ten plays and wonder why they just went three and out. It's long overdue that someone else needs to call the plays. We're also extremely tired of these 'positive' moods after bad losses. Show some emotion, Matt. Every time you say something that backs up what fans are feeling, I personally don't believe you. Slam your fist on the podium, take some blame, yell, I don't know, actually fix what is broken. I think it's safe to say that his leash is becoming shorter as the days go by. Well, unless the team has another good week of practice.

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Let me wrap up this cluster by explaining something that I think will resonate with all of you. First of all, the smartest play of the year is Allen Robinson not jumping to a contract extension. My tinfoil hat theory is that he wanted to see what this offense would look like before he inked a new deal. Unless things turn around, you can probably say goodbye to A-Rob after the Bears finish 8-8... I mean Week 17.

This isn't about who plays quarterback for the team or who catches all of their targets. This is about the coaching staff and front office failing to act on what is not working (and has not worked in a long time). So, before you go blaming a player, think about how Nagy and the suits have failed to put them in a position to succeed. My opinion is that the staff is great for the development of young guys as human beings. They're great for showing them how to act as professional football players, but this isn't the D-League. This is the NFL, and winning football games is what matters. Cheers, Bears fans, we deserve a drink.