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OPINION: Why Mitch Trubisky Will Bounce Back in 2020

Some love to hate Mitchell Trubisky and some still think there is potential for the kid. Much of his future depends on the improvements he makes this offseason and Matt Nagy's ability to recover from a rough year of play-calling.
Photo: Quinn Harris/USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Quinn Harris/USA TODAY Sports

If you're a Bears On Tap listener, you know that I am one of the few people left on the Mitchell Trubisky bandwagon. If you didn't already know that, take a listen to the podcast and catch up.

Fun fact: I own three Bears jerseys at the moment. All of them are Mitch. Not only do I have to worry about spending money on a new jersey for a different player next season, but I also have to worry about my sanity as a Bears fan if things don't pan out in 2020.

That's where I come in to tell you, and myself, that 2020 will be the year Mitch balls out.

Reason #1: New Coaches

Early in the offseason, the Bears announced the addition of Bill Lazor as Offensive Coordinator and John DeFilippo as Quarterbacks Coach. Dave Ragone, former Quarterbacks Coach, also got a new job as he was promoted to Passing Game Coordinator.

Bill Lazor's track record isn't pretty, but Matt Nagy sees something in him. Lazor was also a candidate for the available OC position last year. One positive takeaway from this hire is that a new set of eyes will be seeing what is in front of them when it comes to Mitchell Trubisky. We know Nagy will be calling the plays, but with a new mind and a history of working with quarterbacks, Lazor could be a huge help to Mitch and the offense.

I love the John DeFilippo hire. He was my number one choice for the head coaching spot before the Bears hired Matt Nagy. He was the Offensive Coordinator when the Eagles drafted Carson Wentz, who went on to throw 33 touchdowns in his second season. Flip ended that season leading backup Nick Foles to a Super Bowl victory over the Patriots after a torn ACL ended Wentz' season. He was also a graduate assistant at Notre Dame in his younger days. Go Irish.

Adding DeFilippo and Lazor is a huge step in helping Mitch develop into a Super Bowl-contending quarterback. With Dave Ragone being on staff and having the experience of working with Mitch, this offseason should prove to be beneficial. This leads directly into my second reason.

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Reason #2: The Offseason

It's pretty clear what this upcoming season means for the Bears as a team and Mitch as a quarterback. He knows as well as the fans do that improvement is needed. Trubisky will have the ability to watch film on all 32 teams in the offseason. His life is football, so it's time to sit down and watch. He needs to intently study opposing defenses. One key improvement that needs to be made is the problem with Mitch's footwork. He must spend time this offseason getting the footwork down before coming to camp. Most importantly, he needs to enter the 2020 season with a fresh mind. Mitch has been active on Instagram lately, posting pictures with his girlfriend on vacation. I mean, we all know a vacation is needed every once and a while. A clear-minded Mitchell Trubisky is coming, and he will be ready to get to work.

Reason #3: The Schedule

It was announced just today that the Bears will be tied for 13th in terms of strength of schedule next season, with seven playoff teams on the slate. Nine teams on the Bears 2020 schedule fell in the bottom half of the league in terms of yards allowed and passing yards allowed per game. Going into this year, Mitch is 8-8 against the division and a 4-2 record against teams outside of the division on the 2020 schedule. It's not the best record, but this team, led by Mitch, CAN win football games. It's time to beat the Packers, it's time to beat the Saints, and Mitch will have an opportunity to go up against Deshaun Watson. All of these contests take place at Soldier Field, where Mitch is 13-9 overall. I should say, I don't expect a 16-0 campaign, but 13-3 would be nice (and a little more realistic).

Reason #4: Matt Nagy Will Get It Right

Look, I say I know football, and a lot of you may be thinking the opposite of that based on my caption alone. However, Matt Nagy gets paid to eat, sleep, and breathe football. The product on the field may not have looked great last season, but Matt is a smart guy when it comes to football.

Quick reminder: Nagy is only one season removed from a Coach of the Year award and a playoff appearance. Imagine if Parkey's kick was good. Sure, we don't know what things would have been like if the Bears went to LA for the Divisional Round, but I do remember the way Matt Nagy and Mitchell Trubisky drove the Bears down the field to set up that potential game-winner. That would've been a major confidence boost heading into that next week.

We all can dream.

Nagy must realize that he has to get back to what worked in 2018. He and the whole team failed in 2019. Now it's time to move forward. The Bears find themselves in a tough scenario, as Mitch isn't Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, or Aaron Rodgers at this point. We saw rock-bottom Mitch last season, but we've seen flashes of potentially really good Mitch. Matt Nagy will find a way to help this team win and mold Mitch into a reliable, contending quarterback.

The weapons are there for the Bears' offense. Allen Robinson, David Montgomery, Tarik Cohen, and Anthony Miller are all players that can help move this offense. If Mitch can find a rhythm early on in the year, next season could have a much different tune. In addition to another season of learning experience underneath his belt, Mitchell Trubisky will also likely have some new targets to sling the ball to.

When looking at who the Bears should target in the draft, I have my eyes on Cole Kmet out of Notre Dame. The tight end position is so important — just look at Travis Kelce in KC. In my opinion, this position should be a top priority in the draft. If the Bears can move into the later slot within the first round, Kmet is a guy who can help propel Mitch into a better passer and get the offense as a whole back into 2018 form.

Some love to hate Mitchell Trubisky and some still think there is potential for the kid. Much of his future depends on the improvements he makes this offseason and Matt Nagy's ability to recover from a rough year of play-calling.

I'll conclude with this: it's a week after the Super Bowl and the offseason is just getting started. This Bears team wants to win games and find their way back to the postseason. Don't lose faith in this team, don't lose faith in Mitchell Trubisky, and don't lose faith in Matt Nagy.