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OPINION: Why The Bears Should Tank The Rest Of 2020

This Bears team isn't it. The offense is broken. It's time to fix the problem instead of just slapping some duct tape on it and hoping for the best.
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Bears Front Office

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The Chicago Bears have six games left on the docket in 2020. At 5-5, they find themselves as the eighth seed and sit one game behind the Arizona Cardinals for the final NFC playoff spot.

However, there is a chance that eight teams per conference make the postseason. That is if the league reschedules games for an unprecedented 18th week.

Now, while the Bears are technically "in the hunt", the final stretch of the season is no cakewalk.

Week 12

at Green Bay


Week 13

vs. Detroit

Week 14

vs. Houston

Week 15

at Minnesota

Week 16

at Jacksonville

Week 17

vs. Green Bay

Consequently, the Bears would need to win at least four of their last six games and finish 9-7 for a real chance at the playoffs.

While the defense is more than capable of keeping the Bears in games, there is very little confidence that the offense or the coaching can do enough to win any of these games.

What Could Happen: Playoffs? Middle of the Pack?

Furthermore, let's say the Bears do win a handful of these games. Suppose they finish 9-7 or 10-6 and make the playoffs. They're not set up to make a deep run or be considered legitimate contenders for the Super Bowl. Say the Bears somehow reach the playoffs and get bounced in the first round. What did they really accomplish? That will be enough to retain Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace while lowering their draft position. Such an outcome would leave them with the same mess heading into 2021.

However, another scenario is that they miss the playoffs but do enough to finish the season 7-9 or 8-8. In that situation, they're a middle-of-the-pack team with no sense of direction. Ownership is then caught in a position of "should we or shouldn't we" in regards to cleaning house or even just firing Ryan Pace and/or Matt Nagy.

What Should Happen: Tank

Matt Nagy would never allow this to happen. He is on the hot seat with his job potentially on the line. Nevertheless, that's probably out of his hands at this point. This team, specifically the offense, is not that good. It would take a miracle or a magic potion for them to be a legitimate scoring threat. The only hangup in a plan to tank is the defense. They're just too good.

This should definitely be the route they take. Yes, it'd be painful to watch, but the Bears are stuck between a rock and a hard place. There will need to be quite a bit of roster turnover considering their salary cap situation is less than ideal. The offensive line needs to be retooled, they need to find their QB of the future, and Allen Robinson is set to become a free agent.

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This upcoming draft is allegedly deep at the quarterback, offensive line, and wide receiver positions -- which are all areas of need for the Bears. Their draft position will be crucial and they hold most of their picks (5/7).

Chalk Talk w/Larry Mayer via

Chalk Talk w/Larry Mayer via

Why Tank?

Right now, the Bears are slated to pick 16th overall in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Via ProFootballTalk

Via ProFootballTalk

Suppose the Bears lose their remaining six games and finish 5-11. There is a very real possibility they could end up picking in the top ten. Not only that, but a 5-11 final record after their 5-1 start should be reason enough to fire Matt Nagy and maybe even Ryan Pace. Hell, fire Ted Phillips too. He's been around long enough as well and nothing has changed.

Ted Phillips Bears


Would tanking be the worst thing in the world if the Bears started over on the offensive side of the ball? Their defense is already in place. A new head coach, scheme, and quarterback in addition to a revamped offensive line would be enough to make them a legitimately competitive team next year or in 2022.

Nevertheless, Nick Foles isn't going anywhere. He's going to be here in 2021 and maybe even 2022. This would be the perfect time to let a young QB sit and learn for a year.


This Bears team isn't it. The offense is broken. It's time to fix the problem instead of just slapping some duct tape on it and hoping for the best. Matt Nagy and his scheme aren't working out. The offensive line is patchwork at best and neither quarterback is the answer. The offensive woes persist while the defense continues to carry them on their backs.

Going all-in for an attempt at making the playoffs this year isn't going to fix anything. It's actually going to put the Bears in a worse position where they will be even more hesitant to make the tough decisions.

There doesn't need to be a full-blown rebuild, but the offense needs to be retooled.

Bears fans... we deserve better and we deserve it now.