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Pat McAfee Praises Matt Eberflus's Culture-Building Ability

If Pat McAfee's assessment of Matt Eberflus holds true, the Bears are in good hands as they strive to build a winning culture.
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Photo: NBC Sports Chicago/YouTube

When it comes to the NFL, former Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee is one of the most invested and entertaining voices. After an eight-year playing career, he now hosts one of the most popular sports talk around: The Pat McAfee Show. McAfee recently appeared on Unfiltered with David Kaplan to discuss a few Chicago Bears topics.

"[Matt] Eberflus is a dog, right?" he said of the Bears' new head coach. McAfee has interviewed several Colts that played under Eberflus, and he relayed their sentiments to Kaplan. "They said he's awesome. Everybody works their ass off and it's a culture setting type of thing."

Building A Bears Culture

For a rebuilding Chicago Bears team, culture will be the primary focus in 2022. The results on the field likely won't be pretty, according to projections. But getting the young core in line with the culture Matt Eberfuls wants to build will pay dividends heading into the future. It could also help sway free agents who may have otherwise written off Chicago as a destination. The Bears haven't had a sustained desirable aura around them since the Lovie Smith era ended in 2012.

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While judging moral victories instead of wins and losses will suck, they will be easy to identify. How are players running the schemes? Are they interacting with each other? Are the player-coach relationships strong? Is there a level of transparency in press conferences that results in clear-cut information?

The Nagy regime lacked sufficient answers to all of the above questions. There was no cohesive scheme. Players looked lifeless on the sideline and separate from each other no matter the result. The interactions between coaches and players entailed avoidance and disagreement. Press conferences produced "word salad" responses that offered little to no substance. In turn, the fan base became apathetic.

It's now on the new regime to breathe life back into the Chicago Bears. If Pat McAfee's assessment of Eberflus holds true, the organization is in good hands as it strives to build a winning culture.