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Pat McAfee Slams Bears GM Ryan Poles Over Roquan Smith Trade News

McAfee's thoughts echo what most Chicago Bears fans are likely feeling.
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The Chicago Bears fandom is reeling as the Roquan Smith news of Tuesday morning sent not only the city but the entire NFL into a frenzy. As the day progressed, Pat McAfee addressed the situation as he typically does on his fantastic YouTube show. McAfee didn't pull any punches as he discussed Bears GM Ryan Poles, Roquan Smith, and the entire situation with his crew.

Pat McAfee's Comments On Ryan Poles' Predicament

Pat begins the segment on Roquan Smith by reading the trade request announcement letter. But right before doing so, he states:

"Ryan Poles, brand new GM, who hasn't done shit at all as a General Manager in the NFL has come out and said 'It's been a little difficult with Roquan representing himself'. And Roquan's probably saying, 'It's been a little difficult dealing with someone that ain't ever f--cking do this before'.

Pat McAfee

Listening to The Pat McAfee Show on a regular basis lets the viewers know that he's typically on the side of the players when it comes to situations like this. As a former player himself, it makes a ton of sense and many Chicago Bears fans share Pat's thoughts on Ryan Poles here.

Poles hasn't done anything yet as an NFL General Manager to claim success. He's brand new in his position and has only had roughly seven months to operate the Chicago Bears' front office. But it's clear that Roquan Smith is the best player the Bears have on the defensive side of the ball, as The Pat McAfee Show crew describes later in the segment.

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Will Roquan Smith Bypass The GM and Go Straight For The Owners?

After reading the note Smith posted, McAfee pinpoints one of the final lines in particular.

"I think at the end there where he said 'I haven't talked to the McCaskey family but they can potentially salvage this' is a negotiation tool, a leverage tool to say, hey Ryan Poles you ain't ever done this before... let me go ahead and talk to who hired you pal and get this thing done. Somebody that understands what I mean to this organization. Somebody that maybe would like to keep me around."

Pat McAfee

The notion that Smith is choosing his words carefully to bypass Ryan Poles and go straight to the McCaskey family is fascinating. It's not exactly clear how much Pat McAfee knows about the Chicago Bears or the McCaskey family but he doesn't seem to know that they aren't typically fond of paying more money than they have to.

The McCaskeys also don't know football as they should, as some other NFL owners do. But it's blatantly obvious that Smith is one of the best players on the Chicago Bears and has been since entering the league. Even the McCaskeys should know it's better to keep a player like Roquan Smith.

In spite of that, it's interesting to ponder if Smith will seek the McCaskey family's ability to override Ryan Poles in this situation. Most Chicago Bears fans desperately want the organization to get a deal done and make Smith a permanent member of the team, as he alluded to in the past.

If the Bears cannot finalize a deal with Smith and end up trading him, then it's a huge mistake. But until that happens, the focus should be on extending Roquan and making him a Bear for the remainder of his career.

Pat McAfee sums it up nicely: "Maybe this is just a public negotiation... but also, are the Bears dead?" If the front office lets Roquan Smith go for anything less than a king's ransom, then yes... the Bears just might be dead... to the fans at least.