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Pump The NFL Draft Into My Veins

Draft Day is here, let the excitement begin!
Photo: Mark Humphrey/AP

Photo: Mark Humphrey/AP

The stage is set, mock drafts are complete, prospects are either in Nashville or amongst their families waiting on that phone call to change the rest of their lives. Agents and GMs are working around the clock to find the best fit for their respective teams and clients. Entire fanbases are waiting to see the name of their favorite team slide across their TV screen saying "on the clock." For us Bears fans, we don't get to jump in on the fun until Friday night barring any trades on day one of the draft. Our first Round pick this season was Khalil Mack, and we thank you dearly for that, Mr. Gruden.

As far as day one goes, picks to keep an eye on come at #8 (Detroit), #12 (Green Bay), #18 (Minnesota), and #30 (Green Bay). As of right now, that is where the Bears divisional foes are slated to pick in this evening's draft. They all better do their homework because the North runs through us!

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I will tell you this as a football guy, there is no better primetime TV to me than 254 selections and subsequent analysis of the fresh crop of talent in the NFL. As a Notre Dame fan, this is a weekend I look forward to because I get to find out where the guys I've watched the last few years will embark on their next journey. As a college football fan who watches any and every game, it's great to see these young men get what they deserve after years of hard work. My favorite and quite possibly the most slept on part of the entire draft process is the successful undrafted free agent. Just because your name is called this weekend does not mean you are on a roster in September. For those prospects that don't get that call, your journey is not over. As for the Bears, we can fully expect Ryan Pace to take advantage of the draft picks we currently have and shouldn't be surprised if we see him make a draft day trade or two. In addition, we should bring a competitive undrafted free agent group, which more than likely will feature another leg, to vie for roster spots during training camp.

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

The next three days, the NFL steals show from the NBA and NHL playoffs. Cancel your plans, call into work, order an absurd amount of wings, fill the fridge with beer, and get your mock draft ready because Draft Day is finally here!

Featured Photo: Mark Humphrey/AP