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Race To QB1: Mitchell On The Rise, Foles Endorsed

Catching everyone up on the battle to be the starting quarterback of the Chicago Bears.
Photo: Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Photo: Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Note: If you haven't read the first "Race To QB1 article, check it out here.

Last week, we caught up on an offseason's worth of workouts, mindsets, and factors that have led us to the current quarterback competition brewing at Halas Hall. While Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles have yet to suit up and take the field for an official practice together, much is still happening leading up to training camp battle. This week, we take a look at the current state of the Chicago Bears' quarterback room as we look ahead to the 2020 season.

Cohen, Montgomery Spotted At Workouts

On June 10th, Chicago Bears running back Tarik Cohen was interviewed and pointed out that he has been a part of the workouts organized by quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

Then, on June 16th, Bears running back David Montgomery accepted the Brian Piccolo Award in the virtual ceremony. Where did the ceremony take place?

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Trubisky Addresses The Media

On June 12th, Mitchell Trubisky addressed the local media in a public press conference for the Bears. In this press conference, he spoke on how he feels about the quarterback competition, claiming he's 'pissed off' about the Nick Foles trade and that he 'still believes this is my team.'

He also elaborated on the importance of getting back to the playoffs, as well as taking the blame for things that went wrong on offense last season.

It was also noted by many Bears fans and media members that Trubisky had a significantly relevant Teddy Roosevelt quote in his frame during his interview. To see a deeper dive into what this quote might mean to Mitchell, check out this article by fellow On Tap contributor Lucas Perfetti.

Foles Receives Praise From Former Teammate

In our last piece of recent news regarding the competition this week, Nick Foles' former teammate Michael Bennett went on a podcast last week and proclaimed that Foles is better than current Eagles starting quarterback Carson Wentz.

In closing, it seems like Trubisky had the more publicized week in the media, but one can't forget about Foles. While it's been a far quieter week for the longtime NFL signal-caller, don't assume the former Super Bowl MVP isn't staying busy in his own sense. I'm expecting that he'll be ready to hit the ground running once he gets to Chicago, especially considering the amount of work Trubisky is getting in with his teammates. See you next week, Bears fans!