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REACTION: Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy Meets with the Media

An initial reaction to Ryan Pace's press conference comments from Tuesday, February 25.
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This comes as no surprise, the Ryan Pace press conference was filled with smoke. No information of substance was shared regarding his accountability.

However, there were certain items that intrigued me.

When asked about Mitchell Trubisky and the fifth-year option regarding the young quarterback's contract, Ryan Pace stated that they weren't really thinking about it until May and that they're focusing on free agency.

Shouldn't they be thinking about that now? Doesn't that affect your decisions in free agency? Why would someone come to Chicago if in two months, they sign Trubisky's fifth-year option creating another question, if that supposed free-agent quarterback would even play for Chicago?

Also, what is the new Collective Bargaining Agreement going to change regarding the fifth-year option? If it changes anything, does it affect newly signed players or any player with that built into his contract? That could also play a role into Pace's answers here.

It seemed to me like a very strange answer as to what their plans are at quarterback and we really don't know much more than before the press conference began.

Pace was also asked about last season's injuries and the timetable for a possible return, such as Danny Trevathan, and his response was:

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"Training camp, for everyone."

-Bears' General Manager Ryan Pace

These answers are such basic responses and we can't really expect much more from the Bears' GM. I personally would like to hear him talk more frequently. Maybe in that case, Pace would be a little more comfortable being honest with the media. It's a small branch to cling onto but it's something that might cool Bears fans down enough to keep the season-ticket holder's butts in seats. More importantly, to the organization, it'll keep the season-ticket holder's money dedicated to the team.

Then head coach Matt Nagy addressed the media and took questions. When asked about bringing in other guys Nagy explained:

"You want to bring in competition for every position to make the whole team better.... if you stay complacent then you'll play complacent and there's no room for that."

- Matt Nagy (paraphrased)

Of course you want competition across the board. If your players aren't being challenged then their opportunity for greatness is limited. Where was this competition last season when Chase Daniel was the backup quarterback? Where was it when Khalil Mack and Leonard Floyd were your two starting pass rushers? Admittedly, the defensive line was pretty good. They weren't amazing but they were a solid unit. Bring in more to work with here instead of just being complacent, like you said, Matt.

"We really need to find our identity on offense. That's a big priority for us going into next year."

-Matt Nagy

You don't say? This team hasn't had an offensive identity for years. Abandoning the run-game and forcing an inaccurate quarterback to make far throws that he has proven he struggles to hit is mind boggling.

There are a lot of questions that will have to be answered as the off-season rolls on. Quarterback is certainly a concern as well as the mediocre offensive line they trotted onto the gridiron last year. Let's hope Ryan Pace can hit on these two second-round picks because boy do they need them.