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REPORT: Matt Nagy Has 'Lost' Bears Locker Room

According to a report, Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy has lost the locker room. In fact, even the players want him gone.
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Matt Nagy Bears head coach

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According to a report from Jordan Schultz, Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy has lost the locker room and a number of players want him gone. This report comes in wake of the team's embarrassing loss on Sunday to the Baltimore Ravens.

To the common fan, this isn't surprising. Nagy continues to make himself seem more important than the team. He gives the media no information, he hardly ever knows what's going on, and the Bears have been their own worst enemy under his reign.

There are a few interesting takeaways from this report. For starters, this news isn't something that just began in 2021. As indicated by Schultz, there were players on the team last season that began to feel the same way. It seems like the positive, player's coach schtick has worn off and his own players are beginning to see the flaws in everything he does as a head coach after losing five games in a row. If the internal cries become loud enough, would the Bears move on from Nagy before season's end?

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The Connection

In addition, one final note from this report is the connection to the Bears by Schultz himself. After scouring his Twitter bio, he hosts the Playoff Pod with Chicago Bears receiver Allen Robinson. Is Robinson his source? It feels fair to believe that Robinson is fairly respected within the Bears locker room, so if he is the source for this report, then it might carry some weight.

On the other hand, people may argue that Robinson's lack of production and frustration with the Bears is the driving force. However, it's rare for a player to put himself under the bus by citing that multiple players feel the same way. There's a problem in the team's locker room and it stinks of Matt Nagy. It's becoming clear, the fourth-year head coach needs to go.