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Soldier Field Provides More Fuel For Bears To Move To Arlington Heights

The conditions at Soldier Field are abysmal and shouldn't be tolerated any longer.
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Chicago Bears Soldier Field conditions

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The conditions at Soldier Field were abysmal for the Chicago Bears' first preseason game on Saturday. Having recently hosted a concert, the field was nearly destroyed and the grounds crew apparently had the week off.

Soldier Field Provides Terrible Turf

When the President of the NFLPA goes on Twitter to shame the Chicago Bears, Soldier Field, and the NFL for the field conditions, there might be a problem with the stadium. That's exactly what happened when the Bears hosted the Chiefs on Saturday and the field looked terrible.

For years, players have complained about the turf at Soldier Field. The NFL accepted this lack of quality as meeting the minimum standards and that shouldn't be acceptable by any means.

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One NFL agent even spoke out about the field conditions, stating the game should have been postponed citing the player's safety was at stake.

As if the Bears needed another reason to leave Chicago for Arlington Heights, this fiasco happens. The Chicago Park District should absolutely be ashamed of themselves for letting this debacle happen on their watch.

But the Bears should take this as a sign of more things to come as they continue threatening to leave the outdated and laughing stock of an NFL stadium that is Soldier Field.