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Teven Jenkins: Pushing Forward for Mom

The Bears' new Meet The Rookies series begins with OL Teven Jenkins.
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Chicago Bears

Teven Jenkins

The Chicago Bearstraded up in the 2021 NFL draft to select Teven Jenkins 39th overall. I think I speak for all Bears fans that this was a very welcome pick! For years the Bears have needed to beef up the offensive line and this man provides some much-needed violence.

The Chicago Bears official YouTube channel posted a new series of videos "Meet The Rookies". Teven Jenkins is featured in the first episode this season and it's very enlightening.

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Battling Adversity

It's hard to not like this young man. His mother passed when he was about eight years old and his father sacrificed a lot for his children. Teven Jenkins has a very supportive family on both his mother's and father's side, and one of their biggest goals was keeping him busy with sports. He played sports throughout his youth and eventually found his way to Oklahoma State. He immediately made his presence known in college after injuries gave him the chance to start.

Teven Jenkins

Photo: Sue Orgocki/AP

Teven clearly takes his training seriously and focuses very intensely on the field. He has a goofy sense of humor off the field, however, and that's refreshing. The Chicago Bears will greatly benefit from a player of his talent and a man of his character.

Teven Jenkins and the rest of the Chicago Bears rookies report to camp on July 24th. Rooting for this man to succeed just became a lot easier with the Bears' Meet The Rookies series and I cannot wait to see how he develops.