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The Bears Are Unlikely to Re-sign Mitchell Trubisky

It's unlikely that the Chicago Bears will be re-signing Mitchell Trubisky.
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It's no secret that Mitchell Trubisky's tenure in Chicago has been a rocky rollercoaster ride. The weight of being picked in the 2017 draft ahead of Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes is clearly still weighing on his shoulders, as well as the frontal lobe of the fans' minds. Ian Rapoport tweeted earlier that the Bears are unlikely to re-sign Mitchell Trubisky after the conclusion of this season without a deep playoff run.

Future Elsewhere?

This game could possibly be the biggest game of Trubisky's career for many reasons. He wants to win for the Chicago Bears and prove his value to them. Simultaneously, this is one gigantic, difficult audition for his next job. The entire league will be watching this game and obviously if Mitchell plays poorly, then the Bears will be moving on from him. The future of his career will also be in jeopardy if he has terrible game against the Saints.

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On the contrary, if Trubisky plays well and the Bears get an upset win over the Saints, then his future really lies in his own hands. There is a good chance that he doesn't want to return to Chicago after the years of scrutiny and forced comparisons to other star players.

If Mitchell Trubisky moves on from Chicago, it's going to begin with the playoff game against the Saints today. Good or bad, win or loss, the future of Mitch is still unclear and it's becoming more evident that the Bears are unlikely to re-sign Mitchell Trubisky.