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The Bears Signing Andy Dalton is the Best Move For The Future

Believe it or not Bears fans, but Andy Dalton is the right move for the Bears. That said, not because he's going to lead us to the playoffs.

The Bears sent shockwaves through the football world on Tuesday when they signed former Pro Bowler Andy Dalton.

The fanbase was the most united I have ever seen with their feelings on this signing. Let's take a quick look at how some of our own at On Tap Sports Net took the news.

The last tweet from our friend Aalap Desai is the exact reason I am here to tell you that signing Andy Dalton is actually good for the future of the Bears franchise.

There is zero accountability. The Bears need to completely clean house and the only way that is done is through absolute chaos.

This is step 1.

The Bears are now in a position to underperform and most likely have a miserable season in 2021. The fanbase is unified in their hate for everything that has gone on recently at Halas Hall. The pitch forks are already out, imagine how loud this fanbase will be when the team finishes 3-13 with fans in the stands.

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The best path for the Bears to be successful in the future is a completely new regime. Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy are currently fighting for their lives, and THESE are the moves they are making to put themselves in a position to win?

Thank you.

This will lead to the chaos I said was needed to clean house. The Bears will light this city on fire and we will put a picture of Pace/Nagy right next to Ms. O'Leary's cow. Chaos as loud at max volume will be impossible to ignore. Ask Jerry Reinsdorf, he couldn't stand Bulls fans putting Fire Gar/Pax billboards up around town so finally he made a move.

That is the lengths that Bears fans will need to go in order to ensure that these bozos do not decide the next franchise quarterback. I don't need to show you, but let's stick more shards of glass in our eyeballs.

The man signed a quarterback that he passed on last year for more money after a miserable 2020 season!

It's okay, this is exactly what is needed for future glory. Yes, it would have been amazing to see Russell Wilson in a Bears uniform. Did you really want to see what Pace was willing to give up for Russell Wilson? Did you really want Matt Nagy most likely ruining a future Hall of Fame quarterback? The answer to those questions is no. The Bears would have been stuck with Pace making more decisions, Nagy running Wilson out of town, and no future draft capital.

Instead, we get one year of Andy Dalton and Nick Foles. It will be miserable, I can guarantee you that, but remember what is at the end of the tunnel. The pot of gold at the end has Louis Riddick as the Bears GM, a brand new head coach, and a top 10 pick to select the franchise quarterback that FINALLY works out.

It may suck now Bears fans, but remember it is always darkest before the dawn.