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The Chicago Bears Once Offered Olin Kreutz A $15 an Hour Job to Help Coach The Offensive Line

Did the Bears really try to bring in one of their greatest players at $15 an hour?
Olin Kreutz Chicago Bears

Photo: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Another day means another misstep or embarrassing story about the Chicago Bears. This time it comes in the form of a radio appearance on Chicago sports station 670 The Score. During a segment with Matt Spiegel and Danny Parkins, Olin Kreutz shared that he was once offered a job with his former team assisting line coaches for $15 an hour.

This is a stark contrast to the millions that Kreutz made over the course of his playing career. In fact, it's quite an insult to one of the top players to ever put on a Bears' uniform. Here is the segment that aired on 670 The Score, via a tweet from host Danny Parkins.

Bears' GM Ryan Pace even joked with Olin after about the offer. This only adds more to Pace's resume of incompetency throughout his tenure with the Chicago Bears organization. If the Bears were going to offer Olin Kreutz a job, then it should have been something with much more control and actual input.

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Fans have called on the McCaskey family to hire a former player for quite some time now. Many have voiced their feelings about Olin Kreutz as he's a fan favorite and remains close to the team. Can the Bears offer Olin Kreutz the job of Ryan Pace, assuming Pace's "position" is open? We'll see.

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