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There's No Objective Explanation For Ranking Mitch Trubisky 26th Among NFL Quarterbacks

Is Mitch Trubisky worse than 25 other starting NFL quarterbacks? Not a chance.
Photo: Chicago Bears

Photo: Chicago Bears

The NFL season is right around the corner, which means it's time for fluff pieces and subjectively ranked lists.

A few different quarterback rankings have been released out there on the world wide web, and they haven't been particularly kind to Mitchell Trubisky.

The most recent Trubisky-bashing list was released by the very popular Pro Football Focus:

The list ranked Trubisky 26th. Mitch has a lot to prove, there's no denying that. But just by simple math, there's no possible way he should be graded worse than 78% of starting NFL quarterbacks.

Trubisky was 17th in the NFL in passer rating. He finished third, I repeat, THIRD, in total QBR. In addition, he checks in at 15th in yards per pass attempt, 12th in touchdown %, 14th in completion percentage, first in the NFL in completions on passes that traveled 50 yards in the air, eighth-best in sack %, and fourth in yards per carry.

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He was 23rd in interception %. So, yes, he was bottom ten in one major category.

Going even further than just the numbers, take a look around the current quarterback landscape of the NFL. There are seven quarterbacks set to start this season as first or second-year players. While it's possible that someone like Kyler Murray or Sam Darnold will be better than Mitch in the future, no quarterback from the last two draft classes outside of Baker Mayfield should be ranked ahead of Trubisky on a preseason 2019 list.

Then there are the likes of Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston. These two players have twice the experience but haven't accomplished as much as Mitch already has (which isn't much).

How has Derek Carr fared since his broken leg in 2016? No bueno. Jimmy Garoppolo has started how many games in his career? Ten? Who's taking Joe Flacco or Eli Manning over Mitch in the 2019 season? How many people would feel as strongly as they do about Dak Prescott if he didn't play for THE Dallas Cowboys? How much longer do we have to watch Andy Dalton throw footballs before realizing he can't throw footballs? How many 13-3 teams with top-five defenses and two all-pro wide receivers does Kirk Cousins have to tank before we say, "Hmm, maybe there's a reason a third of his passing yards and touchdowns came while trailing by two scores."

Mitch might not make a big leap in year three. He might not ever even be an above-average starting quarterback. But unless his six-game stretch from the Tampa Bay game through the Detroit game last season ends up being the best stretch of football he ever plays during his entire career, he shouldn't be grouped in the bottom seven of NFL starting quarterbacks.

Featured Photo: Chicago Bears