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Things Just Keep Getting Worse, Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari Announce Divorce

Chicago's unsung hero, Jay Cutler, and his wife Kristin Cavallari have announced that the two are getting a divorce after ten years of marriage.

These trying times encompassed in the pandemic that is COVID-19 have taken so many things we love away from us. The Stanley Cup Playoffs? Those are postponed. Major League Baseball hasn't started and we don't even know if the season will happen at all. As if taking sports away wasn't enough, Chicago's unsung hero, Jay Cutler, and his wife Kristin Cavallari have announced that the two are getting a divorce after ten years of marriage.

As a society, how much pain and suffering are we supposed to endure? What can we trust anymore? We were rooting for Jay on Cavallari's hit reality show "Very Cavallari." In a show that was focused on Cavallari's life and business, Cutler quickly became a star with his wit and snark. Go figure, right?

The former Bears quarterback had grown men that would never dream of watching some reality television nonsense knee-deep in the world of Very Cavallari. Cutler was Chicago's star and Chicagoans began loving him more than when he wore number six for the Bears.

He was no longer an athlete. He wasn't driving us mad with his 70-yard passes followed up with a nonsensical interception. Cutler was now a dad, husband, and general sarcastic bystander in his wife's life. And as boring as that sounded, it entertained the living hell out of America.

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Reality television is always far from real, but the two looked happy with one another on the show. Kristin seemed to genuinely enjoy Jay's dry humor and never ending sarcasm. They seemed to balance one another. The two had transitioned from Jay being the star football player to Cutler staying home while Kristin became the star.

Ten years is a long time. Things change and people change. It is a sad reality that some people just naturally grow apart. There are things we as humans try to ignore, but such is the truth. Love is complicated and nearly impossible to explain. Some couples make it forever without ever losing their passion for one another, but in today's world, most do not.

Cutler and Cavallari had just returned from a three-week quarantine in the Bahamas. While any issues the two likely had probably surfaced prior to this trip, three weeks trapped with one another could likely tell you a lot about your relationship.

We'll miss these Jay Cutler highlights from the show.

Chicagoans were rooting for Cutler and Cavallari. In our tight-knit city, these two were like our Meghan and Harry. We wanted it to last forever. The two have three young children. So while these times will surely be trying on the now-separated couple, it will also be challenging for their kids.

In a world full of bad news, things just got worse today. Our favorite couple are going their separate ways. We will miss Jay being his regular, smart-ass self with Kristin. We'll also surely miss Kristin getting a kick out of Jay, well, being Jay. Hopefully these two find happiness apart. Ten years of good times is something to celebrate, even when it ends in an unceremonious way.